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Nutrition and Fitness | 6 years ago

Mediterranean Chicken Lunch Wrap Recipe

Encourage your children – and the entire family – to up their sandwich game and try a delicious wrap instead. Switch out the fillings for anything fresh you prefer!

Ingredients for each wrap

1 10-inch whole grain wrap
1 Tbsp. hummus
6 baby spinach leaves
2 Tbsp. roasted red peppers (2 slices)
3 slices tomato
2 slices chicken breast
1 Tbsp. low-fat feta cheese


Place wrap on plate, and evenly spread the hummus over entire surface.
Sprinkle feta on hummus.
Layer chicken in center of wrap, and top with vegetables.
Tightly roll wrap around the filling, from bottom to top, overlapping one end burrito-style.

Nutritional Information 
Per serving: calories 330, total fat 8 g (sat fat 2.5 g), cholesterol 25 mg, sodium 1090 mg*, carbohydrate 43 g, fiber 5 g, protein 21 g 
*To lower the sodium, hold the feta. 

Source: Eat Well to Live Well Cookbook, available at Carolinas HealthCare System hospital gift shops 

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