Your Health Seth Stratton | 5 years ago

#ThisIsSober: Allan’s Story

For Allan, staying sober means relying on the help and support of others. And today, he honors his sobriety by acknowledging just that.

“It’s okay to say, ‘I can’t do this alone,’” he says. He attends AA meetings regularly and explains that he couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of others. Also a big part of Allan’s path to sobriety has involved sticking to a simple mantra: “Different places, different playmates.” His advice to others is the same guidance he followed himself: “Alter your routine. Avoid places where you used to drink, along with those with whom you used to drink,” he offers. Today, he tries to help others achieve and maintain sobriety and pay it forward for the help he received himself. He’s worked with three others battling alcohol addiction – and learned more about his own limitations in the process. “I can’t get anyone sober if they aren’t ready,” he says. “Some folks go back out, come back and then hang with it. Not everyone gets it the first time, and that’s okay.” He’s also learned not to stereotype those who drink. “I didn’t want to associate with ‘those people,’ until I realized ‘those people’ were just like me – for the most part, professional, married, with families, who, for whatever reason, got derailed somewhere along the way.” Through all the struggle, he urges those battling addiction to stay encouraged. “It does get better,” he says. “Is every day perfect? Of course not. But is every day better? Almost all of the time, yes.”