Taste of Health Francesca Ballicu | 5 years ago

No Bake Energy Bites: Make an Easy Paleo Snack Fast

Conquer cravings and satisfy your child's sweet tooth with this easy-to-make, energy-boosting paleo snack recipe.

Spoiler alert: You may never eat another cookie again. The combination of “healthy” and “cookie” can be a hit or miss. But the Taste of Health kitchen put an energizing paleo* snack recipe to the test – and it passed with delicious fury. Simple to make and easy to store, these no-bake energy bites will satisfy the health nut and the habitual snacker in every family. After you try these nutritious powerhouses, you may be tempted to stockpile them at your desk, keep them in your purse or car – or bonus, maybe even your kids will ask for them in their lunches. No matter what you do with them, whoever crosses paths with these bite-sized beauties will be hard-pressed getting by with just a nibble.
Recipe: gimmesomeoven.com *People who follow a paleo diet eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, but not dairy, grains and processed food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZUjVhiHpeI Do you wish you had a community to inspire you and support the choices you make to improve your family’s nutrition habits? Now you do. Join the conversation, or start your own, using #TasteOfHealth.