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News | 4 years ago

New 24/7 Program Enhances Acute Surgical Care

New acute surgery program ensures patients with emergent surgical needs can recieve urgent surgical care 24/7.

Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast has taken a step forward to ensure that patients with emergent and urgent surgical needs can receive care right away – no matter the hour. Examples of urgent and emergent surgical needs that NE Acute Care Surgery will treat include appendectomies, gallstones and abscesses.

“We want to be innovative in general surgery care and focus on increasing quality and improving outcomes for patients in this community, and joining Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast allows us to do that,” says Dr. Houston, who serves as director of NE Acute Care Surgery. “The surgical team at NE Acute Care Surgery will care for the patient from triage through the operating room through discharge, and maintaining that continuity of care is so important to ensure our patients have the best possible experience.”

This program will increase efficiency of care for patients who need urgent or emergent general surgery care at NorthEast, while enhancing NorthEast’s ability to accept general surgery and trauma transfers from around in the region.