How do you reopen safely and continue to protect your workers? In today’s world, these can be tough questions. Thanks to the Atrium Health COVID-Safe for Employers initiative, we can help you answer them – and get back to business with a program customized just for you.

| 3 years ago

Make Reopening and Maintaining a COVID-Safe Workplace Less Complicated

How do you reopen safely and continue to protect your workers? In today’s world, these can be tough questions. Thanks to the Atrium Health COVID-Safe for Employers initiative, we can help you answer them – and get back to business with a program customized just for you.

Protecting employees is a tremendous responsibility, especially during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. We’re here to help. As part of the Atrium Health COVID-Safe for Employers initiative, we provide critical screening and testing solutions as well as expert guidance and support to help your organization reopen and operate as safely as possible. The best part? We can customize everything for your needs.

On-site, post-exposure testing

Atrium Health Employer Solutions provides two different options for on-site testing following an occupational exposure. With both options, employees who have been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with a COVID-19-positive person are eligible for testing. And testing is conveniently delivered at the worksite, eliminating access barriers.

With On-Site Rapid Testing, test results are provided within 15 minutes and symptomatic employees are able to be tested. During flu season, symptomatic employees will also be tested for flu.

With On-Site Collection for Lab Testing, test results are provided within 2-3 days and only asymptomatic employees are able to be tested. Employers may choose to bill insurance for services, which includes an on-site convenience fee that will be direct billed to the employer.

Both options use a less invasive nasal swab technique to collect samples for testing. Following the event, employers will receive a comprehensive results report for all employees tested.

COVID-Safe consulting

Providing the safest possible environment for your employees and customers is a big challenge. We can help cut it down to size with an on-site assessment of your workspaces. In addition to evaluating physical work environments, during the assessment our experts will inquire about employee roles and business practices to get a full picture of your organization’s daily operations. After the assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive summary of findings that includes customized guidance on: 

  • Physical distancing in common areas such as breakrooms, restrooms and elevators
  • Cleaning and disinfection of workstations and high-touch surfaces
  • Circulation of foot traffic in narrow spaces such as stairwells and office aisles
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and proper use
  • Hand hygiene management
  • High-risk employee identification and special accommodations
  • Work scheduling that supports physical distancing and contact tracing
  • Screening employees before each workday
  • Testing after COVID-19 exposures
  • Industry-specific guidelines (as applicable)

Symptom checker tool: Help employees self-screen for COVID-19

Daily screening is a valuable way to protect your workforce. That’s why we’re providing our symptom checker tool, free of charge, which allows employees to record the presence or absence of symptoms.

Getting started is easy. Your organization just needs to provide a current employee eligibility file and the contact information of each individual who will be checking results. Results are available for review in real time.

Before coming into work, participating employees will complete a brief digital questionnaire about COVID-19 symptoms. If they indicate that they’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed, they will be instructed to stay home from work and follow the standard process for calling out sick. They will also be directed to get care if symptoms worsen. If employees respond that they’re not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, they’ll be cleared to go to work. 

Worksite exposure management with expert guidance and testing

Even with the best safeguards in place, it’s possible that you will have a COVID-19 worksite exposure. If you do, we’re here to help – every step of the way.

We’ll start by helping you determine your employees’ level of exposure to assist you in deciding who should quarantine at home. After high-risk exposures are identified, those employees will be connected to Atrium Health’s virtual observation unit. Our specialized care team will remotely monitor your employees via telemedicine while they self-isolate.

Employees will be scheduled for a COVID-19 test at an Atrium Health testing site 5 to 7 days after the exposure.

Employees can easily receive results via text and/or through the MyAtriumHealth secure website and mobile app. Employees with positive results will be enrolled in our Atrium Health Hospital at Home and assigned a nurse who will follow up over the phone. Employees with negative results can return to work 14 days following the date of their last exposure with the COVID-19-positive individual.

On-site antibody testing

The presence of antibodies in a person’s blood may help determine their immune response to COVID-19. It can help support future research, too. That’s why our antibody testing service brings reliable, high-quality antibody testing directly to your worksite.

In addition to making the testing process easier, we work hard to make it the most reliable. And because Atrium Health’s laboratory has validated the test, you can take comfort in knowing that the results are coming from a trusted source.

Before testing, we’ll screen each participant for COVID-19 symptoms. If a participant arrives with symptoms, they will be referred for additional care. We’ll give each participant educational materials about the test, then collect a small blood sample. After results are available, each participant will receive an explanation of their personal results, and the employer will receive a comprehensive testing report.

We’re ready to get to work – so you can, too

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