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Important business decisions aren’t made without having all the facts. To have the greatest impact on the health of your workforce and your bottom line, at Atrium Health Employer Solutions we work with you to:

  • Assess historical claims data
  • Gather information on the current state of your workforce
  • Analyze program results on an on-going basis
  • Make necessary changes for the biggest impact

Claims Analysis

To uncover the most pressing health issues within your workforce and help determine the most cost-effective plan to improve employee health, we take an 18 to 24 month look back at your company's medical claims to establish a solid baseline.

This identifies individuals or populations of individuals with the highest healthcare costs and compares the prevalence of chronic conditions among health plan enrollees.

Surveys and Screenings

By engaging employees in confidential personal health surveys, we identify unhealthy behaviors and risks associated with chronic disease, emotional health and modifiable behaviors that may be present in an employee's life.

Biometric screenings are tailored for each workforce and may include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Hemoglobin A1c

Reports and Outcomes Tracking

Using proprietary software to merge the survey and screening data, we provide employers with a "health snapshot" of their workforce that includes demographics, biometric information, modifiable behaviors, emotional health concerns and an understanding of how many employees qualify for age- and gender-specific screenings and examinations.

Based on results from the claims analysis and health snapshot, we work with employers to develop customized health management solutions to improve their populations' health and reduce healthcare costs. Outcomes are tracked regularly and, if necessary, adjustments are made.

Incentive Management

Financial incentives can significantly increase participation in an employer’s population health management program. They also improve the likelihood that employees will support, and ultimately adopt, healthier behaviors.

Many factors are important in determining the appropriate incentive program for your employee population: organizational culture, type of health plan, duration of population health programs, historical data, etc. Through the use of our metrics-based incentive design platform we can customize a program that meets your organization’s needs and supports the overall program goals.