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After analyzing your employee claims data and assessing the current state of your workforce, we create a customized population health management program designed to engage your employees and their families to reduce your company’s healthcare costs.

Coaching and Chronic Care

Individuals will fall into one of three categories for certain conditions based on our analysis: low risk, rising risk or high risk. Depending on the breakdown, your program may include wellness coaching and care management for chronic and pre-chronic conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco abuse

Our team of health coaches are specially-trained registered nurses and certified health professionals. Our coaches meet one-on-one confidentially with employees to develop health and lifestyle improvement goals in an effort to better current health and reduce future risk.

On-site Health Clinics and Shared Health Centers

On-site health clinics and shared health centers provide employees quick access to high-quality healthcare with locations based at or near their place of work. They are staffed with nurse practitioners or physician assistants who administer acute care and are licensed to prescribe medications when needed.

Designed to provide the most effective healthcare and prevention services to improve overall health, our health centers can provide many services including:

  • Care for acute episodic visits, such as allergies, colds, flu and sinus infections
  • Treatment for minor injuries including workers' compensation cases
  • Disease management
  • Biometric screenings
  • Health coaching
  • Pharmacy dispensing
  • Health education

On-Site Pharmacy Dispensing

After receiving data from your pharmacy benefits manager, our team develops specific ROI analysis as well as a recommended clinic formulary aligned to your population’s most-used medications. Benefits include:

  • Estimated 35 to 65 percent savings on medications dispensed through the on-site clinic
  • Enhanced medication adherence
  • Higher clinic utilization
  • Increased employee satisfaction and convenience

Virtual Urgent Care

Think of the convenience of a doctor’s visit, minus the loss in productivity. Our virtual urgent care services connect individuals to a medical professional for live visits via a camera-enabled mobile device or computer (using patented technology so every visit is HIPAA-compliant and secure).

Virtual urgent care can be used for acute episodic visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week and medications are prescribed as needed. Virtual urgent care can also be used for health coaching when live visits aren’t possible or convenient for your entire population.

Executive Health

Much more than a “perk” for your senior leadership, our executive health program aims to identify and mitigate existing or predicted health risks and conditions.

The first component of executive health is our exclusive membership-based physician practice. With a much smaller number of unique patients (300 versus 1,800), same or next day appointments and 24-hour availability via email or phone, our physicians provide personalized care to busy executives when and where they need it.

The second component of executive health is our comprehensive health assessment. It includes a thorough risk assessment, which entails a medical history review and an extensive health exam. The in-depth health exam covers a multitude of screenings, tests and diagnostics, as well as nutrition and exercise consultation. Following the assessment, our team meets with the executive to review results and provide recommendations.