Your Health Ben Brown | 6 years ago

4 Tips to Keep Your Family on the Move

Maintaining an active lifestyle takes commitment. Like any heirloom that can be handed down, an active lifestyle is something parents can pass along to their children.

Paveena Posang, MD, from Mooresville Family Medicine, part of Carolinas HealthCare System shares some approaches you can take to ensure your kids are active now, and remain so well into adulthood.

Enroll Your Kids in Organized Sports

Organized sports are a great way to keep your child physically active on a consistent basis. Whether through school or a recreational league, most team sports have a steady practice schedule from week to week.

Plan Family Outings for the Weekends

During the sports season, many children have games on the weekends, so physical activity is often already covered. However, for the off season and for those whose kids don’t enjoy organized sports, parents can get creative. “Being active doesn’t mean sticking to traditional exercises like running, biking or swimming,” said Dr. Posang. “Getting outdoors to take a hike or a paddle on the lake are also great ways to exercise muscles we don’t typically use.”

You Can Sneak in Other Activities, Too

Family fitness can even stray to the unconventional. For younger children, impromptu dance parties are a great way to engage in physical activities. Designating a day for yard work is another way to “trick” children into staying on the move. Since they’ll groan at the word “work,” calling the endeavor a “family project” goes a long way toward encouraging participation. Whether it’s cleaning out the garage or planting a new garden, getting creative can turn these projects into quality – and active – family time.

Encourage an Open Mind for an Active Body

By allowing your children to try all kinds of sports and activities, you give them a greater chance of finding a sport or activity they genuinely love. True passion goes a long way toward ensuring a long-term active lifestyle. “Like with most healthy habits, consistency is always the key to success,” said Dr. Posang. “So when you love a sport or activity, it’s much easier to remain active with regularity well into adulthood.” If you’d like to talk to a doctor about ways to incorporate more activity into your family’s schedule, join The 5210 League, by taking the pledge and showing your commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. To find a Carolinas HealthCare System doctor near you call 844-881-2180 or complete an online request form.