Your Health Tamar Raucher | 6 years ago

Healthy at Work Challenging, But Doable

From soda and snack machines to the sedentary act of sitting, it's challenging to remain energized at the office. Here are a few ways to stay active during your 9 to 5.

“With exercise and diet, it’s always important to get creative,” says Prabin Lamichhane, MD, of Oakboro Medical Services, part of Carolinas HealthCare System. “There are a number of ways to add small activities into your workday, and if you choose ones you enjoy they’ll quickly become healthy habits.” Here are just a few diet and fitness tips to try next time you walk into the office: Climb the Stairs: Once you get to work, skipping the elevators is a great way to get your blood flowing before sitting down at your desk. You might be shocked at how much it improves your mood and boosts your energy level. Avoid the Vending Machine: While a soda or some junk food might seem like a good pick-me-up, they’ll ultimately leave you feeling more sluggish. Bringing healthy snacks from home will ensure you make solid dietary choices. Take a Walk: Setting aside 15 minutes of your lunch hour to take a walk is definitely a healthy choice. Getting some sunlight on your skin and a breath of fresh air can break up your workday and have a restorative effect. Hit the Gym: If your office has a gym, definitely take advantage of it. Keep in mind a quick trip is always better than no trip at all. Interval training (short bursts of intensity followed by short recovery periods) burns a ton of calories. Encourage Healthy Gatherings: It’s easy to leave the office with your friends to hit the bar, but substitute those beers and cocktails with healthy activities instead. You can go walking, running or biking together, or even start a sports team and join a league.   Partner with Us for Better Health The primary care doctors at Carolinas HealthCare System can help you and your family get (and stay on) the path to wellness. Call 844-881-2180 or complete an online request form  to find a doctor near you.