North Carolina moves into next phase of vaccine distribution, opening eligibility to the public who are 75 years and older.

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First COVID-19 Vaccines Offered to Public for Eligible Patients

On Wednesday, January 6, Atrium Health began administering the first doses of the COVID-19 to the public as North Carolina moved from Phase 1a to Phase 1b, Group 1. Read more to hear why vaccination is so important for those who received their first dose, along with fun facts about these patients!

On Wednesday, January 6, Atrium Health began to offer mass public COVID-19 vaccinations for those 75 years and older as the next phase of the our vaccine distribution plan in adherence with North Carolina's 1b, Group 1. We are #AtriumHealthProud to be the first health system in the region to offer the vaccine to these community members who have been eagerly waiting for their chance to receive the vaccine!

In order to receive the vaccine, qualified patients meeting the criteria of 75 years and older are required to schedule their drive-thru appointment using their account on MyAtriumHealth. Once vaccinated, it is also required for patients to remain on-site to be continually monitored by a medical professional for 15 minutes following their vaccination.

Read below to hear why vaccination is so important for those who received their first dose, along with fun facts about these patients!

Name: Allen Laymon, first patient vaccinated

Fun fact about Allen: Allen was the FIRST Atrium Health patient in this priority vaccination group to receive his COVID-19 vaccine! 

“I will be 88 in April and I love to be sociable with people, and I’ve been absent with that. I will still wear my mask but will feel more comfortable around people. I don’t want to get the virus because of my physical condition - I’ve had bladder cancer, throat cancer, prostate cancer, I’m a survivor!”  

Patient, Allen Layman, receives first COVID-19 vaccine as part of Phase 1b, Group 1

Name: Donna Frazier, called Maw Maw

Fun fact about Donna: Maw Maw is the head custodian at Community School of Davidson (CSD), and just recently celebrated her 80th birthday!

"I am looking forward to being neighbors with my neighbors and close friends and being able to hug all those little kids at school and teachers. I can't wait, I'm there every day now, but it's not the same."

Donna Fraizer, also known as 'Maw Maw' was among the first patients to receive her COVID-19 vaccine

Name:  Edna "Jean" Guess

Fun fact about Jean: Jean's daughter, Becky Fox, RN, is Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Atrium Health. When Jean arrived to receive her vaccine, Becky had the honors of vaccinating her mom (pictured below)! How cool is that?!  

"At my age, I don’t really think you can take any chances. Follow the advice of your physicians and your family and do what you need to do to stay healthy.”

Jean Guess, among the first patients to receive her COVID-19 vaccine

Name: Brenda Hoover

"From reading different things about the virus, we decided we should take advantage of it since it was available."

Brenda Hoover, one of the first patients to receive her COVID-19 vaccine

Name: Mary Hellams

Fun fact about Mary: Mary worked at the “Children’s Home” for 36 years in South Carolina. Wesley and Mary and her husband, Wesley, also deliver/make meals for a few people in the neighborhood & leave on their porches. They two have been happily married for 55 years!

“I think it’s because of my health, I have done so well after my atrial fibrillation procedure [at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, and I don’t want anything to start my atrial fibrillation up again. We also volunteer at the Matthews Health Center, and I don’t want to take anything in to make them sick.”

Mary Hellams, among the first patients to receive her COVID-19 vaccine

Name: Wesley Hellams

Fun fact about Wesley: Wesley was a volunteer fire fighter for 26 years. He now volunteers in a support role with the Matthews Fire Corp, where he and other volunteers support the current fire fighters locally. 
He also served in the Army National Guard for 6 years. Thank you for your service, Wesley! 

“It’s important for me to get because of my age but also because of protection for Mary, my wife. With her heart issues and her surgery recently, I want to protect her too. There are also several people where we volunteer who have received chemo and we wouldn’t want to do anything to make them more susceptible.”

Wesley Hellams was among the first patients to receive his COVID-19 vaccine

Names: Alice Latta and Harold Latta

“We are excited about being able to receive the COVID vaccine this week.  My wife and I have lived in Charlotte for almost 70 years and both of our children were born at Charlotte Memorial, which is now Atrium Health. My daughter also worked there as an oncology nurse in the early 80s. We have been patients at this hospital for many years. Thank you very much for this opportunity!”

Harold and Alice were among the first patients to receive their COVID-19 vaccines

More vaccine resources:

  • Hundreds have already taken advantage and scheduled their appointments with ease through their existing MyAtriumHealth account. Those who don’t have a MyAtriumHealth account can create one or schedule a vaccination appointment by phone, if assistance is needed.