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Step 1:             Clinical Privileges Update

Click HERE to print your specialty form(s)

When complete return to your assigned Credentialing Coordinator via email


Step 2:         Reappointment Application

Providers will complete the online application via the link(s) below;

Application must be returned by stated deadline to avoid loss of privileges 

If you plan to resign prior to or by your expiration date you do NOT need to complete the reappointment application.  However, you must notify Sonya Greene or Katrina Barkley of this information upon receipt of your reappointment application.


Step 3:            OPEN AND REVIEW - Mandatory - Medical Staff Education PowerPoint

  • Please open and read the attached slides relating to Medical Education for EMTALA, Emergency Management, Corporate Privacy, Pain Assessment and Management, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Infection Prevention and Restrictive Interventions. This is a requirement per your Medical Staff Bylaws and Joint Commission. 
  •  Your signed attestation within the Application Module (Step 4) will acknowledge you have read each education piece. 
  • Access the Documentation Library for Moderate Sedation Tests (to maintain these privileges) and Influenza Exemption forms (if applicable)


Step 4:             Log in to the Application Module 

  • Check all information carefully for completeness and accuracy
  • All sections included in the application MUST BE COMPLETED or your application will be deemed incomplete
  • Click On My Apps > Atrium Health Tab 
  • Verify/Edit each field on the left-hand side
  • Health Status - input Flu (documentation required)
  • Answer all Questions under Supplements
  • Click "Review Information"
  • Go to "Sign Documents"
  • "Click to Sign"  the Reappointment Application and Additional Documents (total of 2 forms to sign)
    •  If you are a new appointee you will only see an Addendum to the Reappointment Application
  • TYPE IN YOUR FULL NAME at the bottom of the document
  • Click the green "SUBMIT" once all documents are signed
    • The medical staff office will not get notification of your submission unless you have clicked SUBMIT