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Please follow the steps below to complete Clinical Privileges Update of the reappointment process for Scotland Health Care System.

1) PRINT and COMPLETE - the Delineation of Privileges (DOP) that reflects your specialty/current practice

2) NOTE - if you are requesting a privilege you currently do not have, you must meet the initial criteria for that privilege.

3) RETURN the form(s) to the coordinator assigned to you

 If you have additional questions you may contact Staci Hightower, Manager here.

 Physician Forms:

Scotland Ambulatory

Scotland Anesthesiology

Scotland Cardiology Interventional

Scotland Cardiology

Scotland Dentistry

Scotland Dermatology

Scotland Emergency Medicine

Scotland Family Medicine

Scotland General Surgery

Scotland Imaging

Scotland Internal Medicine

Scotland Medical Oncology

Scotland Nephrology

Scotland Neurology

Scotland Obstetrics and Gynecology

Scotland Occupational Medicine

Scotland Ophthalmology

Scotland Optometrist

Scotland Orthopaedic

Scotland Otolaryngology

Scotland Pathology

Scotland Pediatric

Scotland Podiatry

Scotland Psychiatry

Scotland Radiation Oncology

Scotland TeleCritical Care

Scotland Teleneurology

Scotland Telepsychiatry

Scotland Teleradiology

Scotland Urology


Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Forms:

Scotland Nurse Midwife

Scotland Scope Practice CRNA

Scotland Scope of Practice ER Midlevels

Scotland Scope of Practice NP Oncology

Scotland NP PA Hospitalist

Scotland NP PA Urgent Care, Occup. Health

Scotland Scope Practice General Surgery and Ortho PAs

Scope of Practice - NP, PA, Family Practice Occup. Health


Thank you for your commitment to Atrium Health!