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CAR T-cell therapy is a cellular therapy that offers new hope for cancers considered untreatable, particularly lymphoma. The potential of this treatment is so powerful that the American Society of Clinical Oncology hailed it as oncology’s “Advance of the Year.”

Early insights have been promising: We find that patients are not only responding to CAR T-cell therapy, but that their responses have been durable. It’s a critical finding for lymphoma patients who have not been responsive to standard treatments.

CAR T-cell Therapy Clinical Trial

We’re committed to remaining on the cusp of these advancements, participating in CAR T-cell therapy. Juno 017001 is a Phase I study testing the safety, pharmacokinetics and anti-tumor activity of JCAR017 in adults with relapsed and refractory B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The study is open at Atrium Health Levine Cancer and will continue to evaluate the patients’ long-term progression-free survival and overall survival after JCAR017 treatment.

“While transplant remains a good option for patients who relapse or who are refractory to frontline therapy, it’s usually only effective in patients who are sensitive to subsequent chemotherapy,” says Nilanjan Ghosh, MD, a hematologist at Levine Cancer. “CAR T-cell therapy is a form of immunotherapy effective in patients who have not responded to chemotherapy.”

We’re one of few hospitals in the country participating in Juno 017001, and we’re excited to bring this trial to patients in the Charlotte region.

“With this therapy, the sickest patients have a chance to beat this disease,” says Dr. Ghosh.

Options for Lymphoma Patients

Our lymphoma division offers highly specialized patient care – with experience in more than 40 subtypes of lymphoma – and we remain active in clinical trials and translational research. This allows us to give patients access to cutting edge therapies.

In addition to the Juno clinical trial, patients with certain types of relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma will soon have another option: Yescarta. Levine Cancer is one of just two centers in the Carolinas to offer this FDA-approved treatment commercially.

These are just two of the many treatment options for our patients. Depending on the patient profile, we can match lymphoma patients to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cellular therapies, clinical trials, or transplants. Our transplant program is world class, delivering over 400 autologous, full-matched, and half-matched transplants in the past four years.

“We have a premium transplant program,” says Dr. Ghosh. “Our transplant outcomes are some of the best in the country.”

How We Can Help

Our lymphoma division brings leading specialists, innovative research and advanced treatment options to provide world-class care to our patients. If you’d like to learn about clinical trials – or if you’d like to discuss possible treatment options or second opinions – contact us at 704-512-7878. We look forward to partnering with you in providing expert patient care.