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Visitor Restrictions Update: Because flu & RSV cases are on the rise, starting November 16, children 12 and younger are restricted from visiting hospitals, certain inpatient facilities, and all emergency departments. Learn more.

Get more than exceptional care. Take the first step toward the best care. We offer a robust, all-inclusive health exam to review your medical history, assess potential risk factors and tailor your wellness plan to your healthcare needs.

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To schedule an appointment, please call our Kenilworth office: 704-468-3100 or our SouthPark office: 704-512-2506

A foundation for world-class care

Start creating your personalized wellness plan with our comprehensive Executive Physical. Services include:

  • Immunization review

  • Pre-visit virtual evaluation

  • Review of history and all medical concerns

  • Vision screening

  • Personalized blood tests and laboratory tests

    • Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic package, urinalysis
    • Thyroid screening test
    • Extensive blood lipid and insulin resistance scoring
    • C-reactive protein level
    • Vitamin D level
    • Vitamin B-12 level
    • Iron studies
    • COVID-19 antibody test
    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) or Pap smear when age/gender-appropriate
    • Testosterone and hormone testing when appropriate
    • Gastrointestinal occult blood evaluation
    • Cardiac calcium score
    • Multi-system physical examination

  • Vascular screening, including carotid artery blood flow, peripheral circulation and aortic aneurysm screening

  • Chest X-ray

  • In-depth fitness assessment, including personal evaluation and exercise prescription via our board certified exercise physiologist

    • Resting ECG, exercise treadmill test and strength and flexibility assessment
    • Body composition analysis and metabolic evaluation
    • Indirect calorimetry (subject to COVID-19 regulations)
    • Pulmonary function testing (when appropriate, subject to COVID-19 regulations)

  • Nutrition consultation

  • Post-exam recommendations and extensive follow-up report to review all studies

  • Complimentary, personalized referrals to Atrium Health specialists

  • Complimentary Access to reports and data via the MyAtriumHealth portal

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