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Research and Clinical Trials

Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute continues to pioneer industry-sponsored and investigator-led studies. Our physicians are currently leading research in every area of cardiovascular services.



  • 51 industry-sponsored clinical trials actively enrolling or in long-term follow-up  
  • 20+ industry-sponsored studies in the startup phase
  • 66 investigator-led studies/registries
  • 37 published papers
  • 7 abstracts/poster presentations at national meetings
  • Read more about our research and search our clinical trials.

Recent Highlights

A Sanger team successfully implanted the Cephea transcatheter mitral valve replacement system in June 2022. This was only the fourth human implant of this system; Sanger was the second center in the world to perform the procedure. 

A Sanger physician was part of a collaboration that yielded three NIH grants: 

  • Repurposing of Metformin for Older Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (MET-PEF), a three-year project with a requested budget of $1.5 million. This will be a clinical trial with sites at Sanger and Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. The study is based on the joint Atrium Health – Wake Forest Clinical and Translational Science Institute pilot grant awarded in 2021.  
  • Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist – Atrium Health HeartShare Clinical Center. This is a pivotal development because the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute plans for the HeartShare project to be its sole, major investment in the area of HFpEF for at least the next five years. The HeartShare project will total $50 million across all sites.
  • REHAB-HFpEF trial. This is a phase III trial involving 20 sites, 46 investigators, staff and 880 patients, with $38 million in funding across all sites.  

A Sanger team is leading a study titled Evaluation of Novel Artificial Intelligence Software in the Automated Quantification of Echocardiographic Measurements. 

Objectives include: 

  • Evaluating the software’s efficiency in quantitative echocardiographic measurements compared to standard manual measurements.
  • Assessing whether variability between automated measurements and manual measurements between observers can be used to predict bias in different facilities.
  • Evaluating whether the software reduces bias and variability of measurements between observers compared to manual evaluation.

We are the coordinating center for a multicenter lead extraction study with four additional sites nationwide. The goal is to establish a prospective multicenter lead extraction registry that includes a diverse, representative cohort of sites that will provide insights and guidance into best practices for transvenous lead extraction and improve patient outcomes.

Our team is part of the Comparison of Methods of Pulmonary Blood Flow Augmentation in Neonates: Shunt Versus Stent (COMPASS) trial. This study is the first of its kind to randomize neonates with ductal-dependent pulmonary blood flow to either ductal artery stent or surgical systemic to pulmonary artery shunt, and to perform an intention-to-treat analysis of their outcomes. This is an important opportunity for our physicians to answer a key question for patients with congenital heart defects, and Sanger is among a select few centers that have both interventional and surgical teams that are strong enough to participate in this study.

A Robust Research Portfolio

  • 125

    Active Studies

    Internal Data,
    January - August 2022

  • 71

    Investigator-initiated or
    Outcomes-based Studies

    Internal Data,
    January - August 2022

  • 42

    Number of Publications

    Internal Data,
    January - August 2022

  • Chart showing Industry-Sponsored Studies: Total of 54, including 30 currently enrolling or preparing for nnrollment, and 24 long term follow-up.

Publications and Presentations

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