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Sports Cardiology Center

Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute's Sports Cardiology Center has emerged as a national leader in preventing, detecting and managing cardiovascular issues in athletes and highly active individuals, so they can safely participate in sports and activities.

Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights

Providing echo quality assurance review for the National Basketball Association (NBA): Sanger’s Sports Cardiology Center, along with Sanger Cardiac Imaging, have newly partnered with the NBA to provide a quality assurance review process of all echocardiograms completed during the screening of NBA and WNBA players league-wide. This includes almost 900 players. The goal is to ensure echocardiograms meet appropriate standards and protocols. 

Evaluating high school and college athletes: We partnered with sports medicine physicians from Atrium Health Musculoskeletal Institute to evaluate ECGs on 1,000+ high school and college athletes, to ensure they are healthy to play. 

Screening athletes in the National Football League (NFL) Draft Combine: The director of Sanger’s Sports Cardiology Center traveled to Indianapolis to evaluate and provide consultation on the heart health of potential future NFL players. 

Leading the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) national conference: The director of Sanger’s Sports Cardiology Center served as the 2022 course chair for the ACC national Sports Cardiology Conference, which focused on the care of the athletic heart.

Screening athletes in the Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft Combine: Sanger’s Sports Cardiology Center team, including cardiologists, sonographers and nurses, traveled to the MLB combine in San Diego to screen 150+ elite baseball players for heart conditions. The goal is to ensure they’re healthy to play their sport as they pursue professional baseball careers. 

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Latest Research

Sanger’s Sports Cardiology Center is collaborating with the Mayo Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital to evaluate outcomes of elite athletes with cardiac conditions that predispose them to sudden death.

Our team is represented on the steering committee and the investigator panel for the Outcomes Registry for Cardiac Conditions in Athletes. This registry was instrumental in developing our understanding of cardiac risk related to COVID-19 in athletes. It’s now focusing on the natural history of young competitive athletes diagnosed with cardiovascular disease associated with major adverse cardiovascular events. As a result of this work, seven papers have been published since 2021 and multiple new papers are in development.

We developed a new Sports Cardiology Registry based on a new screening questionnaire to help providers understand the athlete’s exercise, training history and cardiovascular condition. This can also serve as a repository of sports cardiology patient data from which clinical outcomes can be measured, practice standards developed, and existing gaps in medical knowledge for the management of this population filled.

Atrium Health is the official health care provider for:

Charlotte FC, Carolina Panthers, Davidson College, Winthrop University, UNCC Charlotte, Charlotte Motor Speedway.

We are cardiology consultants for the NBA, WNBA, NFL Scouting Combine and MLB Draft Combine.

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  • Winthrop University.
  • Carolina Panthers.
  • Charlotte Football Club.
  • Davidson College.
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte.

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