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Senior Research Director, Professor
Department Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Adjunct Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Prior Positions and Experience

Professor, Senior Research Director, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Carolinas Rehabilitation, Carolinas Healthcare System

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry; Director Inpatient Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Richmond, VA

Fellow, Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM), Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Rehabilitation Psychologist, Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Hospital, Richmond, VA

Private Practice


PhD: 1981, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
MS: 1979, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
BS: 1986, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Research Interests

Dr. Niemeier’s main research interests are developing and applying evidence-based interventions that can improve functioning and quality of life for persons with disabilities. She authored over 50 books and articles, including invited special issues. Dr. Niemeier’s research has been sustained by federal and state funding for 15 years and includes support from NIH, NIDRR, and NARSAD. She is currently focused on exploring molecular signatures of and gender differences in outcomes following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Niemeier has received numerous awards for her work including a Lifetime Achievement Award and Fellow Status from the American Psychological Association and the Anthony M. Soloman Lecture in Clinical Neuropsychology from Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation for achievements in furthering cognitive rehabilitation for persons with brain injury.

Recent Publications

Niemeier JP, Grafton LM, Chilakamarri T. Treating persons with traumatic brain injury: history and updates. NC Med J. 2015;76(2):105-10. PMID: 25856355.

Santopietro J, Yeomans JA, Niemeier JP, White JK, Coughlin CM. Traumatic brain injury and behavioral health: the state of treatment and policy. NC Med J. 2015;76(2):96-100. PMID: 25856353.

Lu J, Gary KW, Copolillo A, Ward J, Niemeier JP, Lapane KL. Randomized Controlled Trials in Adult Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of Compliance to CONSORT Statement. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2015;96(4):702-14. PMID: 25497515

Niemeier JP, Perrin PB, Holcomb MG, Rolston CD, Artman LK, Lu J, Nersessova KS. Gender differences in awareness and outcomes during acute traumatic brain injury recovery. J Women's Health (Larchmt). 2014;23(7):573-80. PMID: 24932911

Perrin PB, Niemeier JP, Mougeot JL, Vannoy CH, Hirsch MA, Watts JA, Rossman W, Grafton LM, Guerrier TD, Pershad R, Kingsbury CA, Bartel SW, Whitney MP. Measures of injury severity and prediction of acute traumatic brain injury outcomes. J Head Trauma Rehabil. 2015;30(2):136-42. PMID: 24590151

Ottens AK, Stafflinger JE, Griffin HE, Kunz RD, Cifu DX, Niemeier JP. Post-acute brain injury urinary signature: a new resource for molecular diagnostics. J Neurotrauma. 2014l;31(8):782-8. PMID: 24372380. PMCID: PMC3967420

Lu J, Roe C, Aas E, Lapane KL, Niemeier J, Arango-Lasprilla JC, Andelic C. Traumatic Brain Injury: Methodological Approaches to Estimate Health- and Economic Outcomes. J Neurotrauma. 2013;30(23):1925-33. PMID: 23879599

Niemeier JP, Perrin P, DeGrace SM, Holcomb M, Nersessovaks K, Rolston C. Factor structure, reliability, and validity of the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale (FrSBe) in an acute traumatic brain injury population. Rehabil Psychol. 2013;58(1):51-63. PMID: 23438000

Niemeier JP, Bushnik T, Davis LC, Marwitz JH, Ripley DL, Walker WC. Are there cognitive and neurobehavioral correlates of hormonal neuroprotection for women after TBI? Neuropsychol Rehabil. 2013;23(3):363-82. PMID: 23362827

Lu J, Gary KW, Niemeier JP, Ward JD, Lapane KL. Randomized controlled trials in adult traumatic brain injury. Brain Inj. 2012; 26:1523-48. PMID: 23163248
First Place winner: Henry Stonnington Award (2012) for Best Review Article in Brain Injury

Niemeier JP. (2011). Book review: Re: K. J., Doka & T. L. Martin (2010). Grieving Beyond Gender: Understanding the Ways Men and Women Mourn. Journal of Women and Aging, 11, 350-351.

Niemeier JP, Kreutzer JS, Marwitz JH, Williams-Gary K, Ketchum JM. Efficacy of a brief acute neurobehavioral intervention following traumatic brain injury: A preliminary investigation. Brain Inj. 2011;25:680-90. PMID: 21604926

Current/Recent Grant Support

Grant Title: Acute neurobehavioral and cognitive intervention following TBI (RO1HD052922-01A2)
Funding Agency: NIH/NICHD
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2008-2014

Grant Title: Characterizing Moderators of Gender Differences in Outcomes After TBI
Funding Agency: Center of Excellence, Carolinas Medical Center
Role: Principle Investigator
Years: 2013