Kimberly Q. McKinney, MS

Senior Research Analyst
Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

Prior Positions and Experience

2006-2007 Research Staff Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geology, Winthrop University (Rock Hill, S.C.)
2001-2006 Research Technologist III, Molecular Biology Core Facility, Cannon Research Center, Atrium Health
1996-2001 Research Technologist II, Pediatric Research Molecular Biology Laboratory, Cannon Research Center, Atrium Health


MS: 1996, Winthrop University (Rock Hill, S.C.)
BS: 1994, Winthrop University (Rock Hill, S.C.)

Recent Publications

Lee JG, McKinney KQ, Mougeot JL, Bonkovsky HL, Hwang SI. Proteomic strategy for probing complementary lethality of kinase inhibitors against pancreatic cancer. Proteomics, 2013. Accepted.

McKinney KQ, Lee JG, Sindram D, Russo MW, Han DK, Bonkovsky HL, and Hwang SI. Identification of differentially expressed proteins from primary vs. metastatic pancreatic cancer cells using subcellular proteomics.  Cancer Genomics & Proteomics. 2012;9(5):257-63, PMID: 22990105.

Lee YY, McKinney KQ, Ghosh S, Iannitti DA, Martinie JB, Caballes FR, Russo MW, Ahrens WA, Lundgren DH, Han DK, Bonkovsky HL and Hwang SI. Subcellular tissue proteomics of hepatocellular carcinoma for molecular signature discovery. J Proteome Res. 2011;10, 5070-5083. [PMID: 21913717]

McKinney KQ, Lee YY, Choi HS, Groseclose G, Iannitti DA, Martinie JB, Russo MW, Lundgren DH, Han DK, Bonkovsky HL, and Hwang SI. Discovery of putative pancreatic cancer biomarkers using subcellular proteomics, J Proteomics. 2011;74 (1), 79-88. [PMID: 20807598]

Mougeot JL, Bahrani-Mostafavi Z, Vachris JC, McKinney KQ, Gurlov S, Zhang J, Naumann RW, Higgins RV, Hall JB (2006). Gene expression profiling of ovarian tissues for determination of molecular pathways reflective of tumorigenesis. Journal of Molecular Biology 358(1):310-29. [PMID: 16503337]