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August 31, 2016  |  News Category: Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln News,

Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln Welcomes New Option for Partial Knee Replacement

Doctors use clinical expertise, minimally invasive surgery to elevate outcomes for patients

LINCOLNTON, N.C., August, 31, 2016 – It may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but new robotic surgical technology at Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln is now far from fiction.

Physicians at Lincoln are combining their expertise and quality techniques with new minimally invasive robotics technology to provide patients shorter recovery time. This advanced option allows doctors to provide partial knee replacements with incredible precision and accuracy.

“This technology will give patients access to high quality surgical treatments and it helps provide the best environment for an outstanding outcome,” said Ted Parcel, DO, CMC Orthopaedic Surgery-Lincoln. “I trained in robotics during my fellowship and feel it is a significant addition to the care we already bring our patients every day.”

Treatment using the new technology will begin in September 2016. Patients can call CMC Orthopaedic Surgery-Lincoln at 980-212-6250 to schedule an appointment today.

“We are honored to offer high level of care to our patients. This new option for partial knee replacement is yet another example of how our doctors are using the most up-to-date techniques to provide the best possible outcomes to our patients, while getting them back on their feet as soon as possible,” said Pete Acker, president of Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln.