Atrium Health Committed to the Carolinas

06.18.2019 Atrium Health News

Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of Atrium Health. Since our humble beginnings nearly 80 years ago, we’ve been deeply rooted in this community and remain committed to serving the residents of this state – as well as those throughout this region – with some of the highest quality care in the world. This commitment was most recently demonstrated by our $10 million commitment to help address the Charlotte community’s affordable housing initiatives.

The denial by the Local Government Commission means that at the current time, Navicent Health, a part of Atrium Health since January 1, 2019, will not be able to refinance its existing debt through Atrium Health, which would have allowed some savings on interest costs to occur. We are constantly looking for ways to lower the cost of healthcare and approval would have allowed Navicent Health to reinvest the savings as a non-profit into the community it serves, as well as further strengthen the Atrium Health credit group. 

While we were hoping to receive approval for this debt refinancing, we will continue looking for the best ways to continue making positive impacts on the health of the communities we are privileged to serve and delivering on our mission to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing -  for all.


From Anthony DeFurio, Atrium Health Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: 

“During a recent Local Government Commission meeting, where Atrium Health was proposing to issue a guarantee of Navicent Health’s debt, I was attempting to explain how the support of our home state is so important to Atrium Health and our future. While my choice of words could have been more thoughtful and were initially misinterpreted by Commission members, at no time during the meeting, or during my following conversation with the LGC when asked to clarify my comments, did I intend to insinuate or make any threat regarding Atrium Health’s future in North Carolina. Atrium Health will continue to look for ways to improve our patients’ access to essential health services and reduce the burden of the cost of health care on all of our citizens, and we have no intention of leaving North Carolina. This is our home, and we are privileged to serve and deliver on our mission to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing - for all.”