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At Atrium Health, we don’t just care for patients within our facilities. We believe in bringing health to every corner of the diverse communities we serve. Our mobile medicine units offer high-quality care where you need it most, so you can achieve your best health and live life to the fullest.

We currently have two types of mobile units: one for family medicine and one for women’s care.

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Family medicine mobile medicine units

Our innovative Care Everywhere mobile medicine units bring top-notch family medicine to your neighborhood. We offer a range of important health services, such as diagnosis and treatment for short- and long-term health conditions, help with referrals and non-medical resources, plus more.

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Eight women in scrubs of various colors and one man in a white lab coat stand near a colorful Mobile Care unit for a group photo.

Women’s care mobile medicine unit

Our Drive to Thrive mobile medicine unit aims to decrease maternal mortality rates, prevent preterm births and avoid unplanned pregnancies by bringing state-of-the-art OB-GYN care to every woman who seeks it. Our team provides a range of services – from birth control to prenatal exams to STD testing – in a warm, welcoming environment.

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