Child Health Seth Stratton | 7 years ago

Children’s Kidney Research Gets $1 Million Boost From Anonymous Donor

Pediatric Nephrology Center of Excellence looks to improve diagnosis, treatment of children with kidney disease.

An anonymous $1 million donation will advance children’s kidney disease research and support Carolinas HealthCare System’s development of a Pediatric Nephrology Center of Excellence at Levine Children’s Hospital. Physicians at the center will perform clinical research and trials, identify best practices known to improve outcomes for young patients, and share findings with the medical community. Susan Massengill, MD, a pediatric nephrologist at Levine Children’s Hospital, and director of the center, says the donation will significantly boost efforts behind kidney disease research. “For years, treatments have changed very slowly and advanced very little,” says Dr. Massengill. “It’s time to put forth a more focused effort that truly makes a difference and improves the lives of children with kidney disease.” How $1 Million Will Help Combat Pediatric Kidney Disease
  • Educate the Public: Pediatric kidney disease can be difficult to detect and little is known about this life-changing illness. Increasing public awareness can change that.
  • Elevate Care: We will develop child-friendly tools that involve patients and caregivers in decisions around their medical care and ease the burden of living with a chronic disease.
  • Ramp Up Research: Because pediatric kidney disease research doesn’t get much federal funding, the center’s research will be made available to medical professionals locally, regionally and nationwide.
  • Advocate for Collaboration: The team at the center will develop specialized clinical trials for patients, as well as connect them to other resources and treatment options.
Preparing Patients for Success Because the majority of healthcare for children with kidney disease occurs outside of a medical setting, the team will teach patients universal skills that help them make informed decisions about their health with confidence. “This donation will improve quality of care, reduce healthcare costs and disparities,” says Dr. Massengill. “Our center of excellence puts patients and their families at the forefront of every decision we make. We truly walk with them along this path of chronic kidney disease. And, together, we’ll rewrite the standard of care for pediatric kidney disease.” The center officially opens February 15, 2017, but the team has already started work to expand clinical trials and quality improvement efforts throughout the region. “We’re bringing together healthcare teams, patients and families to help design and deliver the kidney disease care and services patients need,” says Dr. Massengill. “Our center of excellence is being modeled around what matters most to patients.”