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Though a relatively young college, the history and traditions of Carolinas College of Health Sciences are rich. St. Peter's Hospital closed in the late 1930s, making way for Charlotte Memorial Hospital (CMH). A new era in healthcare education had begun. The first CMH nursing class began its three-year journey in 1941, with many enrolled in the Cadet Nursing Program, designed to provide nurses for those injured in World War II.

In the 1940s and 1950s, CMH also offered educational programs in X-ray technology, medical technology and surgical technology. In the mid-1990s, all of those programs merged to form today's Carolinas College of Health Sciences.

Today, thousands of graduates of those programs form the Alumni Association of our college. We work to create meaningful engagement opportunities for our alumni. We'd love to have you partner with us through events, volunteer opportunities, communications and philanthropy to make a lasting impact on your alma mater. 

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