The Carolinas College Alumni Association is a diverse group with a rich heritage and includes alumni from Charlotte Memorial Hospital, Carolinas Medical Center, Mercy School of Nursing and Carolinas College. All alumni are considered members of the Carolinas College Alumni Association, and no fees are required for membership. The association offers a variety of ways to stay connected through social events, professional development events and volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact Ruthie Mihal at 704-609-1542 or

Young Alumni Council

To meet the needs of recent graduates (anyone who has graduated in the past ten years), the Association created the Young Alumni Council.

What is the CCHS Young Alumni Council?

The term young alumni refer those who have graduated within the past ten years (approx.) regardless of age. This is a group within the alumni association, created to address the needs of recent grads through programs and/or events that will focus on professional development, educational advancement, and mentorship programs with CCHS students.

Is this group part of the CCHS alumni association?

YES! The young alumni council was created by the alumni association to address the needs of this particular group – but is an integral part of the overall alumni association.

What if I graduated more than ten years ago?

If there is an event that interests you, please join us! This is not a hard-and-fast rule and we welcome any interested alumnus. The Carolinas College Alumni Association Facebook page and alumni newsletter will list upcoming events. However, specific notification emails and invitations will only be sent to those who graduated within the past ten years.

Who can I contact for more info?

Ruthie Mihal at 704-609-1542 or email us.