If you need to update any of your information, you can do so with SonisWeb, the college database.

Alumni can:

  • View & update your contact information
  • Search for classmates (all alumni from your grad year)
  • Print an unofficial transcript (if you graduated after 1995)

Alumni Portal: SonisWeb

How to Use this New Tool:

  1. Access to SonisWeb is based on the email address we have on file for you. If you haven't received an email from the college lately, we probably need your email address to activate. Do one of the following:
    1. Click on "Alumni" then "Alumni Contact Form", to send us your personal email, or
    2. Contact Pat Lewis: 704-355-2029 with your personal email, or
    3. Need a free e-mail address? Follow the instructions at www.google.com/accounts, then use the steps above to inform CCHS of your email address.
  2. Log into the Alumni Portal by clicking on the "Alumni Portal" link near the top of this page, or by entering this into your browser window: http://sonis.carolinascollege.edu/ then clicking on Alumni in the list of options.
  3. Enter your personal e-mail address (the one the college has for you) and PIN. (The PIN is your Date of Birth in the format "mmddyy". That is, if your birthday is June 29th, 1975, your PIN would be 062975. If your DOB does not work, try this default date: 010100).
  4. Additional instructions on how and what you can do with SonisWeb can be found in the SonisWeb Alumni Support Manual, link below. You'll love the functions of this new tool, but if you have trouble, contact Bo Clarke at 704-355-7572.

For further assistance, use the SonisWeb Alumni Support Manual (PDF)