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By Paul G. Colavita, MD

When I became president of Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute in 2009, we saw that our fields were becoming increasingly specialized – and we knew this evolution would make it possible to deliver more precise, more effective care. So we committed to recruiting top subspecialists from across the US so we could stay at the forefront.

This recruiting push took its latest leap forward in 2018, when we added 19 experts in everything from electrophysiology to robotic-assisted surgery to pediatric cardiology. Here’s how these renowned physicians are elevating our care and expanding our capacity so we can give more patients the best chance at longer, healthier lives.

Using Microsurgery to Repair Mitral Valves

Dr. Raja Gopaldas is expanding our ability to perform minimally invasive microsurgeries to repair leaky mitral valves and other heart issues. Repaired valves can last far longer than artificial valves, and patients who undergo valve repairs are significantly less likely to need repeat procedures.

Vascular Surgery: More Specialists, More Locations

Patients who need vascular surgery deserve to see a surgeon quickly, at a convenient location. We’ve added four renowned surgeons, including Dr. Lance Diehl and Dr. Wallace Tarry, to offer leading-edge vascular surgery at our clinics in Pineville, Concord, Union County and beyond.

More Minimally Invasive Procedures for Structural Heart Issues

We were one of the region’s first centers to build a team of specialists who can address structural heart issues like pulmonary stenosis and atrial septal defects. Now we’re raising the bar by adding four world-class physicians to our structural heart program – including Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, an expert in percutaneous valve replacement, and Dr. Noreen Kelly, an expert on imaging in structural heart interventions.

Electrophysiology: Adding Expertise and Reducing Wait Times

Our electrophysiologists have been in such high demand that it could take weeks – or months – to get an appointment. Fortunately, we were able to hire Dr. Satish Misra to increase our capacity, and now many patients can see an electrophysiologist within days. Dr. Manish Jain also joined us to kick off a complex ablation program at our Concord location, helping patients with abnormal heartbeats get this specialized procedure closer to home.

Expanding Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

More and more patients are coming to us in need of ventricular assist devices and heart transplants. We’ve brought on two more heart failure experts – Dr. Nicole Cyrille-Superville and Dr. Rachel Garcia – to keep our wait times short and help patients achieve healthy outcomes, whether they’re in Charlotte or near our clinic in Greenville, SC.

Adding Top Pediatric Cardiologists

Our team works with Levine Children’s Hospital to offer the region’s most advanced pediatric heart care, and we’ve added five specialists to make that care even better. For example, Dr. Solange Benjamin-Thorpe came here to lead our pediatric CVICU. And Dr. Nancy Dobrolet is launching a neurodevelopmental clinic to help children overcome the learning disabilities and other issues that can go along with pediatric heart surgery.

Advancing Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Lung Cancer

We’ve been seeing an increase in patients with lung cancer that’s progressed too far to cure. So we expanded our screening programs and added another expert in robotic-assisted thoracic surgery, Dr. Michael Roach. Now we can find lung cancer sooner and use minimally invasive, robotic-assisted lobectomies to remove cancerous lung tissue through small incisions.

Tailored Care for Every Patient

Our specialists have a wide array of backgrounds and expertise, and they collaborate to evaluate each patient and match them with the right treatments. We’re eager to have you join this collaboration, and we’ll work with you at every step to make sure your patient gets the best care.

For more information, or to make a referral, call 877-999-7484.

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