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Patient Frequently Asked Questions

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Account Setup

  • You will automatically receive an activation text message or email when you:
    • Schedule an appointment with an Atrium Health provider, or
    • Check in for your appointment
  • If your mobile phone number and email address are missing from your records, the front desk staff will ask for this information at check-in. Then, they will send the activation text or email.
  • You may also request an account by clicking Sign Up Now from MyAtriumHealth. You will be asked a series of questions from Experian. Experian is a third-party service that will verify your identity. Atrium Health will not be able to see your answers to the Experian questions.
  • If you had an account with MyWakeHealth, those login credentials should work in MyAtriumHealth, starting in mid-February 2024. Some MyWakeHealth users will need to set up a new account, and will get instructions on how to do so. 

For help setting up your account, please call MyAtriumHealth Support toll-free at 855-799-0044.

Yes. A parent or guardian may request full access to your child’s health record until the child turns 13 years old. When the child turns 13, a parent or guardian will then have limited access to the child’s health record. Under North Carolina State law, minors may consent to certain services without the consent of a parent or guardian and have all the privacy rights related to that service. This includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases that must be reported to the State; pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse; and emotional disturbance. To protect the minor’s right to privacy, we limit parent access on MyAtriumHealth. Parents and legal guardians may still request a copy of the After Visit Summary during a clinic visit or submit a Medical Records request for full records.

Due to certain medical needs, there are instances when a parent or guardian may request full access to the child’s health record that will remain active after the child turns 18.

As always, a parent or guardian may call the doctor's office to discuss their children's health concerns.

You can request access to your child’s health record from the MyAtriumHealth website or mobile app. Sign in and go to Request Family Access from the main menu. Complete and submit the form, and our support team will review and approve your request.

You will need your child's:

  • Social Security Number, or
  • Atrium Health Medical Record Number (MRN). You can find the MRN on a receipt from the child’s doctor visit, right above the home telephone number.

Teens age 13 and older may have their own MyAtriumHealth account. To request an account for your teen, ask your teen’s provider at his or her next office visit. Your teen will receive an activation text or email to set up his or her account.

Yes. Patients age 18 and older may grant or revoke access to anyone with whom they would like to share their health record:

  • Sign in to the MyAtriumHealthM  website or mobile app. From the main menu, go to  Sharing Hub and follow the prompts to choose who you would like to share with and the type of information you would like to share.
  • To grant MyAtriumHealth access to your caregiver or a spouse, for example, you will need the person’s email address to send an invitation. They will receive an email invitation and must verify your date of birth to obtain access.
  • Select “Forgot Username?” on the login screen.
  • Submit your first name, last name, date of birth, and email address.
  • Your username will be sent to the email address associated with your account.
  • Select “Forgot Password?” on the login screen.
  • Enter your username, date of birth, and the email address associated with your MyAtriumHealth account, then click “Next”.
  • A numeric code will be sent to the email address or mobile phone number on file. Enter the code on the screen “Verify Your Identity”.
  • You will then be able to create a new password for your MyAtriumHealth account.


You can schedule appointments with most primary care providers and some specialists that you have seen within the past 3 years, including OB/GYN and pediatrics.

You can use MyAtriumHealth to view certain health information, such as appointments and messages, from organizations outside of Atrium Health. Learn more.

  • Sign in to the MyAtriumHealth website or mobile app. From the main menu, go to Link My Accounts. Search for the organization you wish to link and follow the steps to login and complete the set up.
  • If you are a patient of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, much of your historical data will be available in MyAtriumHealth starting in February 2024 without further action required.

General Questions

MyAtriumHealth is a website and mobile app that helps you manage your health. With MyAtriumHealth, you can see doctor’s notes, test results, allergies, and immunizations. You also can make appointments, send a message to your doctor's office, pay bills, and more.

No. MyAtriumHealth is a free service offered by Atrium Health.

If you would like more information about MyAtriumHealth, please talk to your doctor or a staff member at your doctor's office. You also may reach us at:

Health Messaging

When a provider sends a new health message:

  • You will receive an email notification.
  • Additionally, you may opt in to text or push notifications. Use the Communication Preferences menu item to change your preferences.
  • When signed in to MyAtriumHealth, you will see a notification for a new message in your health feed. Select View Message to go directly to the message.

Yes. You may send a non-urgent message to your doctor's office through MyAtriumHealth. From the main menu, go to Messages and then choose Send a message.

Please allow two business days for a response. MyAtriumHealth should not be used for urgent situations. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

Messages from MyAtriumHealth are sent to nurses who work with your health care team. The nurse may respond or may send your message on to your provider. All messages become part of your medical record.

Health Record

Your health record includes Current Medications, Allergies, Immunizations, Health Issues, Surgeries, and Procedures. Within MyAtriumHealth, you may also see Medical and Family History, Test Results, and Preventive Care recommendations. MyAtriumHealth does not show the entire medical record. If you do not see the health information you are looking for, please visit Atrium Health Medical Records to learn how to request your medical records. You can also call the Medical Records Department at 704-667-9500 or toll-free at 844-383-2109, or use the feature in MyAtriumHealth to request medical records.

Sign in to your MyAtriumHealth account. From the main menu, visit the Medications page. For any medications listed, you can click Learn More under the name of the medications.

Under North Carolina law, minor teens may get certain healthcare services without the consent of a parent or legal guardian and have all the privacy rights related to that service. This includes prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse, and emotional disturbance. To protect the minor teen’s right to privacy and follow state law, parent/guardian access is limited in MyAtriumHealth for ages 13-17. Parents and legal guardians may still request a copy of the After Visit Summary during a clinic visit, call their teen’s clinic directly for certain medical information, or submit a medical records request for their teen’s records. 

Atrium Health will monitor any future changes in the law and adjust policies as needed. 

To request an account for your teen, ask their provider at the next office visit. The provider will place an order, and your teen will receive a text or email with instructions to set up a MyAtriumHealth account and have full access to their health information. 


Lab and Test Results

Some results are ready on the same day; other results may take a few days. When the result is available, we release it to you online immediately. Sometimes, this means that you may see your results BEFORE your provider has seen them. Please understand that we look at every test result.

At Atrium Health, we believe sharing real-time information empowers you to take control of your health on your time. Some patients choose to look at this information right away while others choose to wait until their care team contacts them. Health information can be confusing. If you have a hard time understanding your results or you see something in a note that concerns you, please write down your questions and ask your provider when you see them or send a message to your doctor in MyAtriumHealth.

If you have questions about your lab or test results, please send your provider a message through MyAtriumHealth. From the main menu, go to Messages and then choose Send a message. 

Technical Questions

Yes, we take great care to make sure your health information is private and secure. MyAtriumHealth follows HIPAA laws and uses encryption technology on your records.

Here are more tips to make sure your information is safe:

  • Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.
  • From a web browser, you can turn on two-step verification for your account. After signing in to MyAtriumHealth, choose Security Settings from the main menu, then turn on Two-Step Verification.

MyAtriumHealth works best with the latest desktop and mobile Web browsers. On a Mac, Safari and Chrome work best. On a PC, use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

To keep your health information safe and secure, MyAtriumHealth has a two-step verification that requires you to enter a security code to confirm your identity. Atrium Health strongly encourages patients to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), but you may opt out if you wish to.

After your first time completing the two-step verification, you can turn off the feature under Preferences. 

If you choose to “Remember this Device,” frequent users of MyAtriumHealth will only need to do two-step verification periodically. 

We recommend that patients select email as their preferred method to receive a code. Patients should not see a delay receiving a code through email. If you are still not receiving a code, please call MyAtriumHealth Support at 855-799-0044 to confirm your correct email or mobile phone number is on file.