Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Account Setup

How do I sign up for a MyAtriumHealth account?

There are three ways to get a MyAtriumHealth account.

  • When you visit your doctor's office, the front desk staff will email you an Activation Code to allow you to quickly complete your account setup.
  • You can also request an account by clicking on "Sign Up Now" from After you submit the request, please allow up to 24 business hours for our team to verify your identity. You will receive an Activation Code email to setup your account.
  • You can also call us at 704-667-9145 or toll-free at 855-799-0044 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and we will assist you in setting up your account.

What if I am having trouble setting up my MyAtriumHealth account?

If you are having problems activating your account, please call the MyAtriumHealth Support Team at 704-667-9145 or toll-free at 855-799-0044.


Which doctors can I schedule an appointment with?

MyAtriumHealth allows you to book appointments with most primary care doctors. You must have seen the doctor within the past three years.

How long do I have to wait to schedule an appointment through MyAtriumHealth?

Once your MyAtriumHealth account is created, please allow 24 hours to use the direct scheduling function.

General Questions

What is MyAtriumHealth?

MyAtriumHealth is an online health management tool that allows you to securely access portions of your medical record and communicate with your doctor's office.

With MyAtriumHealth, you can view your health information including allergies, medications, test results and immunizations. You also can schedule appointments, send a message to your doctor's office, renew prescriptions, pay bills and more.

Who can sign up for MyAtriumHealth?

A person must be a Atrium Health patient to obtain access to a MyAtriumHealth Account.

Can I access my child's health record on MyAtriumHealth?

A parent or guardian of a pediatric patient can request access to and manage the child's personal health information until the child reaches the age of 13. Online access is terminated on the child's 13th birthday. As always, parents/guardians may contact their doctor's office to discuss their child's medical situation. In-person access to medical information is available.

You will need your child's Social Security Number or Atrium Health Medical Record Number (MRN).

If you are not sure whether your child's doctor's office has your child's Social Security Number on file, you can find the MRN on your receipt from a doctor's visit, right above the home telephone number.

How do I request access to my teen’s (13 – 17 year old) health record through MyAtriumHealth?

Ask your child’s provider about how your teen can set up a free MyAtriumHealth account at their next office visit.  Your teen will receive an email invitation to the email they provide to set up their account  within 48 hours of their visit.

How do I request access to my child’s health record through MyAtriumHealth?

If you have a MyAtriumHealth account, you can request access to your child’s account if they are under the age of 13. Log in to your account, click on Settings and Request Family Access. Click on “Request access to a minor’s record”.

You will need your child’s Social Security Number or a Atrium Health medical record number. Look for it above the home telephone number on any receipt from a recent visit to your child’s doctor’s office.  Your request will be reviewed and access will be approved in 48 to 72 hours.

Is there a charge for MyAtriumHealth?

No. MyAtriumHealth is a free service offered by Atrium Health.

How can I find out more about MyAtriumHealth?

If you would like more information about MyAtriumHealth, please talk to your doctor or a staff member at your doctor's office. You also may contact us at 704-667-9145, toll-free at 855-799-0044, or at

Where can I find health videos and teaching about my medicines?

You can find the health videos and medicine teaching from GetWellNetwork. Just click on “View Health Videos” from the Quick Links on the right side of the home screen.

Health Messaging

How do I know when I have a new health message?

When a new health message arrives in your inbox, MyAtriumHealth sends you an email telling you that you have a message from your doctor's office. Please make sure to check your junk an spam folders for these emails.

Can I contact my doctor's office through MyAtriumHealth and when should I expect a reply?

Yes. You can send a non-urgent message to your doctor's office by selecting Health Messages.

You will receive an answer within 1-2 business days. MyAtriumHealth should not be used for urgent situations. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

When I send a health message, where does it go?

Messages from MyAtriumHealth are routed to nurses who work closely with your doctor. The nurse may respond directly or route the message to your doctor. All messages may become part of your permanent medical record.

Health Record

What information is available on my health record?

The Health Summary provides an overview of your health record. It includes active medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, and surgeries/procedures.

More details about your health record are available in Health Details.

How much historical information is available in my health record?

Atrium Health's electronic medical record (EMR) system was implemented in October 2006 and continues to be implemented in parts of our system. Only the data available in the EMR is visible. Availability of data also depends on when a specific facility implemented the EMR system and whether a doctor has added historical data to your EMR.

Lab and Test Results

When will I see my lab or test results in MyAtriumHealth?

Test or lab results are released to you 24 hours after they've been finalized. Please note that some results are received faster than others, so some results from the same visit may be available to you before others.

What if I have questions about my lab or test results in MyAtriumHealth?

If you have questions about your test or lab results, please send your physician a secure message by selecting Health Messages.

Prescription Renewals

Can I request a medication refill using MyAtriumHealth?

First, please contact your pharmacy to refill a prescription. If you have checked with your pharmacy and have no refills available, you can renew a prescription by selecting Health Record. Before renewing a prescription, please check with your pharmacy to confirm that no refills are available.

What if I have no medication refills available?

Before renewing a prescription, please check with your pharmacy to confirm that no refills are available. If you have checked with your pharmacy and have no refills available, you can renew a prescription by selecting Health Record.

Technical Questions

Is my information secure on MyAtriumHealth?

Yes, we take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. MyAtriumHealth is HIPAA compliant and uses the latest encryption technology. You also can make sure your information is safe by selecting a unique password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

What are the browser requirements for MyAtriumHealth?

MyAtriumHealth works best with the latest Web browsers. Generally, this means the current version of the browser, or two previous versions. On a Mac, Safari and Chrome work best. On a PC, use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.