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Carolinas Medical Center Division of Medical Education Resident Financial Support and Benefits July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.  Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC

During the academic year 2022-2023, salaries for House Staff in the Graduate Medical Education Programs at Carolinas Medical Center (CMC), part of Atrium Health, will be as follows:                                                            

PGY Level 2022-23 Salary
PGY-1 $61,608
PGY-2 $64,362
PGY-3 $67,014
PGY-4 $70,176
PGY-5 $73,236
PGY-6 $75,990
PGY-7 $78,744
PGY-8 $82,110


For calendar year 2023, Atrium Health offers two health plan options for teammates (residents and fellows) to select from. Health insurance coverage begins on the resident/fellow physicians first day of employment and must be renewed annually by the trainee during open enrollment. Health insurance will continue through the final day of residency or fellowship training.

 Option 1: LiveWell Health Savings Plan with a savings account (HSA): Coverage provided for residents/fellows and eligible dependents/spouse with premium paid by Atrium Health* 

 Option 2: LiveWELL Health Co-Pay Plan with spending account (FSA): Coverage provided for residents/fellows and eligible dependents/spouse. The plan has a significantly subsidized biweekly premiums paid by the resident/fellow (the difference in cost between the HSA plan and the FSA plan) through payroll deduction*

 Premiums for medical and dental insurance are paid for House Staff and their families for the Atrium Health LiveWELL Health Plan.  House staff will be responsible for deductibles and co-pays for office visits, prescription and dental expenses.

Vacation/Paid Time Off (PTO)

Carolinas Medical Center provides residents, at every level, 15 weekdays* of paid vacation. There are 5 additional days of vacation to be taken during PGY-3 or subsequent year (Not each additional year). Vacation days are approved by the program director.

*NOTE: 5 days of the 15 days paid vacation are allocated to a holiday block (December/January). Should a resident opt not to be scheduled for time off during this holiday block, the 5 days remain in their vacation pool for that academic year.

Continuing Education

CME maximum allowance of $1900 per academic year. Up to five days per academic year for CME meetings.


Free parking is provided in a designated area.


Meals are provided in the CMC Cafeteria for on-call and in the MEB Cafe for noontime educational conferences.