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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion at All Levels

Atrium Health’s Division of Medical Education, with 40 residency and fellowship programs, is committed to the intentional development of a diverse and inclusive team as we grow the sharpest minds in medicine. We want to advance medical professionals who are knowledgeable, engaged and ready to tackle the complex world of healthcare. Our organization strives to ensure that all trainees and candidates, regardless of background, race/ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, feel at home here.

As a resident or fellow at Atrium Health, you’ll connect, grow and learn with numerous opportunities to get involved at the department, division and organizational level. We welcome you to be an agent of change for diversity and inclusion and to use your voice to make a difference.

Build Personal Connections

We train over 350 residents and fellows, numerous third-year medical students from our regional campus for The University of North Carolina, and more than 250 fourth-year student rotators from all over the country. We offer opportunities for you to know your colleagues and your community.

Connect with each other.

From the first week of orientation, residents and fellows experience the diversity of our programs and make lasting connections that offer support during the rigorous years of training.

Connect with our organization.

Atrium Health employs over 2,000 physicians and 60,000 teammates. With an award-winning diversity and inclusion department, we have several resource teams that welcome residents and fellow physicians.

Connect with our community.

You’re encouraged to join the Charlotte Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Society, a thriving organization founded in 1900 as a network for African-American physicians. Today, it’s 150 members strong.

Learn From Leaders

We’re focused on interprofessionalism and health equity and strive to create an educational environment that promotes collaboration and discourages disparity. Throughout the year, we offer opportunities to learn about diversity and inclusion:

  • North Carolina Area Health Education Centers offers regional education on topics of diversity and healthcare disparities, including the annual conference – Treating Health Inequities with New Knowledge (THINK).
  • Diversity Symposium – For the past 14 years, Atrium Health has hosted an organizational symposium with nationally renowned experts in culturally competent care, inclusion, policy and research. Past speakers include the late Maya Angelou, Mahzarin Banaji (coauthor of Blindspot) and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona – to name a few.
  • Interdepartmental Lecture Series on Diversity and Inclusion – With topics ranging from communication to patient care, dedicated faculty from each department offer their insights around issues of inclusion and health/educational equity.

Grow With Your Colleagues and Community

At Atrium Health, we’re dedicated to improving health and advancing healing. We’re engaged in our community and encourage active participation in our committees and outreach programs:

  • The Center for Faculty Excellence Subcommittee for Diversity and Inclusion – Join our committee dedicated to the continued evolution of our medical education division in diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • System Medical Group Diversity and Inclusion – See how a large healthcare organization approaches issues of inclusion and healthcare disparities.
  • Mentorship of Medical Students – Share your knowledge with our learners. We have approximately 50 students on our campus at any given time who learn valuable lessons from our residents.
  • Propelling Adolescents Towards Careers in Healthcare (PATCH) – Help disadvantaged students from Title 1 high schools learn about healthcare careers in this 9-week program.
  • Community Clinics – Volunteer and get to know our community. Our Lady of Guadalupe, a parish of the Diocese of Charlotte, and Dove’s Nest, a women’s recovery program, are two of many free clinics in our region.