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The written application consists of two parts: a face sheet of personal and educational information, and a list of topics requiring a more lengthy response.

We accept the standard Association for Clinical Pastoral Education's (ACPE) application form, which can be submitted online, or printed and sent via postal mail to:

Clinical Pastoral Education Program
Pastoral Care and Education
Carolinas Medical Center
P.O. Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861

In addition to the face sheet with personal and educational information, there are supplementary questions regarding family and religious history.

Please prepare the following and mail separately as a supplement to the online application.

  1. A reasonably full account of your life, including important events, relationships with people who have been significant to you, and the impact these events and relationships have had on your development. Describe your family of origin, your current family relationships and your educational growth dynamics. (Average application is six to eight pages.)
  2. A description of the development of your religious life, including events and relationships that affected your faith and currently inform your belief systems.
  3. A description of the development of your work (vocation) history, including a chronological list of positions and dates.
  4. An account of an incident in which you were called to help someone, including the nature of the request, your assessment of the "problem," what you did and a summary evaluation. If you have had previous CPE, include this information in verbatim form.
  5. Your impression of CPE and your educational goals, including how this training will be used to meet your goals for doing ministry.
  6. An admissions interview by an ACPE supervisor or another qualified person. (CPE supervisors, seminary liaison professors and regional directors may recommend interviewer).

Those with previous CPE should complete the following:

  1. Copies of previous CPE evaluations written by you and your supervisor.
  2. What was the most significant learning experience in previous CPE and how have you continued to work in this learning method? Illustrate your strengths and weaknesses as a professional person.
  3. What are your personal and professional goals, and how will continued training aid that process?
  4. A verbatim

Please include these things with your application:

  • Signature of applicant
  • Date

Admission Interviews

The application process also requires an admissions interview. For the Summer and Extended programs, the interview may be conducted by any ACPE supervisor and a summary submitted as part of an application.

Interviews at our center are scheduled by our department secretary after our supervisors have reviewed the applications.

For the Chaplain Residency and Supervisory Residency, the Admissions Committee will invite applicants to visit the center, attend a seminar with the chaplain residents, and have a tour and lunch with a current Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) student. An interview with the staff supervisors would be a part of that day's visit.

For more information regarding the CPE Program at Atrium Health, call the CMC Clinical Pastoral Education Office at 704-355-5315 or email us.

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