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Summer Education Program

The summer education program is a 10-12 week program that meets 40 hours per week. It is open to seminarians, lay people and ministers of all faith groups who seek an initial experience of ministry in a crisis setting. The emphasis in this program is to develop one's pastoral identity and pastoral care abilities.

Each student has a clinical assignment in the healthcare facility and participates in the "on-call" schedule. Opportunities to lead worship services in the chapel and to work as a member of an interdisciplinary team are particular highlights of this summer program.

Part-Time Extended Unit

Extended Units of 400 hours are offered during the year: The 26-week program requires approximately 15 hours per week. There is a set schedule for seminars and other activities while time spent in clinical ministry may be flexible. With approval from the supervisor, students may do part of their clinical ministry in a congregational or community placement.

This program is designed especially for those who are in full-time ministry and wish to be involved in some healthcare ministry as well as their parish while completing Clinical Pastoral Education. The program is also open to lay people who are involved with their churches in some type of education, visitation or ministerial program. We accept students preparing for ministry, as well as persons contemplating ministry as a possible career after having considerable experience in other professions.

Chaplain Residency Program

The Chaplain Residency Program begins in late August and ends the following August. Applicants must have completed a previous unit of CPE. This program provides a variety of ministry settings that ensure that each person receives an opportunity to specialize in two clinical areas.

On-call experience offers extensive exposure to all of the areas. The educational emphasis also prepares the participants for ministry in non-hospital settings, such as ministry in churches, hospice chaplaincy, pastoral counseling preparation and specialized ministry.

A Second-Year Residency Program is offered to those who wish further extensive and intensive training in ministry. Some of these students may wish to pursue supervisory education or a particular specialty which requires further training. Second-year residents assume some administrative responsibilities, offer staff education, as well as community education. The benefits are increased each consecutive year a resident is in any Clinical Pastoral Education Program.

Benefits include:

  • $26,400 salary, free individual medical insurance and dental insurance (family plans are available for a small monthly payment)
  • Paid time off (PTO) for vacation, illness and holidays
  • Free parking
  • Free lunches

Tuition for Summer Units and Extended Units is $450, and is due on the first day of the program. Tuition for the Residency is $200 per unit, and for the Supervisory Residency $70 per unit. If this presents a hardship, arrangements can be made with the Assistant Director of CPE.

Supervisory Education Program

The Supervisory Education Program leads to certification as an Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) Associate Supervisor. Generally, the program is available to theologically trained ministers who have completed at least four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). The applicant must also demonstrate a readiness to utilize supervisory CPE and have a consultation with multidisciplinary team members from CMC before being accepted into Supervisory Education.

During this program, the resident will study and supervise with our certified supervisors. Through the course of a two- to three-year curriculum, the supervisory resident's responsibilities will be increased. The Supervisory Education Program is part of the North Carolina supervisory training curriculum. The latter meets twice a month, which enables all supervisory students to share in the resources of the other centers in the state. These include Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital, Duke University Medical Center, Alamance Regional Medical Center and Carolinas Medical Center (CMC). At various times, both University of North Carolina Hospitals and Wake Medical Center are part of this educational composition.

Since 1990, CMC has educated nine people who are now ACPE supervisors.

Dates for these programs are available from the CPE Secretary via email or call 704-355-5315.