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Seacrest Studios, an in-house multimedia broadcast center, opened in 2013 at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC.  The Ryan Seacrest Foundation made it possible for patients at Levine Children's Hospital to have the ability to explore the creative realms of radio, television and new media right from their hospital rooms. We are one of just a handful of children's hospitals nationwide to have this resource available for our patients and families.

Broadcasting Fun

The 652-square-foot studio, located inside the hospital's Overcash Atrium, includes five guest microphones, production-quality video cameras and radio equipment, and a green screen that allows patients to participate in video projects. The studio has a full-time program director and programming that includes game shows, celebrity interviews and performances.

Our patients can stop by the studio to participate live. Or, they can view programs in their room, even having the ability to request songs or ask questions of the people being interviewed.

Kids Being Kids

Singing, dancing and smiling. See how Seacrest Studios lifts spirits and gets kids moving at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Bringing Light: An Inside Look at the Levine Children’s Hospital Radio Station


Seacrest Studios also features a hands-on internship program with students who have a desire to interact with patients and families in the hospital, while learning about the world of radio and television broadcasting. Interns work in teams to provide on-air content, in addition to learning how to use studio equipment.

Learn more about our internship or contact our program coordinator for internship dates.

Special Guests

Since the opening of Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital, the North Carolina location has provided patients with countless hours of programming, musical guests, and interviews with celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Michael Bublé, Rachel Platten, Imagine Dragons and former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.


Give the gift of time by being a volunteer at Seacrest Studios. From telling stories to playing bingo, you can join the fun and help a child feel at ease. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.