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Atrium Health Levine Children’s is home to the most advanced cardiac catheterization facility in our region: The Ganatra Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Suite. Our experts use innovative tools and techniques to diagnose and repair heart problems without surgery, so kids have fewer complications and recover faster.

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To learn more about Levine Children’s catheterization lab, contact us at 704-373-1813.

About cardiac catheterization

Catheters are long, thin tubes. Doctors insert these tubes into a small incision in your child’s thigh, then guide the tubes through blood vessels into your child’s heart. This approach enables us to treat everything from to holes in the heart to arrhythmias with less pain, fewer potential side effects and a faster recovery. We use catheterization procedures to:

  • Precisely diagnose and understand heart issues.

    We take detailed pictures of your child’s heart so doctors can understand their condition and identify the best way to repair it.

  • Fix heart problems. Catheterization procedures can:

    • Close holes in the heart
    • Open narrow heart valves
    • Open narrow blood vessels
    • Close abnormal blood vessels
    • Replace some valves

  • Help children recover faster.

    Catheterization procedures are less invasive than open heart surgery, require less anesthesia and carry fewer risks. Children typically recover faster and most go home the next day.

  • Monitor heart transplant patients.

    We use catheters to closely monitor children after they’ve had a transplant, to make sure their new heart is working properly. We’ll also do routine catheterization checkups for years after the transplant to keep tabs on your child’s heart and address any issues that come up.

Supportive services

A heart condition affects every part of your child’s life. That’s why we offer resources to support kids and their families, including:

  • Camp LUCK. This free summer camp is for kids with heart conditions and their siblings. Camp LUCK helps children build a community with other kids who are having similar experiences.

  • The HEARTest Yard. A program that provides in-home nursing support for children and families as they transition home from the hospital. This program is funded by the Greg Olsen Foundation and was launched after the former Carolina Panthers football player and his wife, Kara, had a baby with a severe heart defect.

  • Cardiac neurodevelopmental program. Sometimes heart conditions can affect a child’s brain development and lead to things like learning delays. Our brain development experts will help your child overcome any challenges that come up as they grow.

  • Child life specialists. These specialists help children and their families with things like getting ready for medical procedures. They can also help your child’s teachers and classmates understand their illness.

  • Nurse navigators. These nurses support and build close relationships with each patient and family. They become experts on each child’s condition and medical history, teach parents at-home care, attend appointments to answer questions and discuss treatments, and more.

  • Nutritionists. Our nutritionists make sure kids have a balanced diet and are getting the nutrients they need to stay strong.

  • Pastoral care. Our chaplains offer religious and spiritual support when families request a visit.

  • Social workers. They help families cope by connecting them with things like counseling, support groups and financial assistance.

Why choose Levine Children's?

  • Part of a world-class heart program. We're home to some of the region's most experienced heart specialists and surgeons. And we work closely with Atrium Health Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute to give our patients access to the most advanced and effective treatments.

  • Advanced technology. We use the latest catheterization tools to evaluate and treat your child’s heart condition. For example, our doctors use 3D rotational angiography images (3D images of the heart) to study your child’s condition from every angle and fully understand their illness. This enables us to make the best possible treatment plan.

  • Team approach. Levine Children’s is home to experts in many pediatric specialties, including imaging, cardiology, surgery and more. These doctors work closely together, combining their expertise to create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets each child’s unique needs.

  • A wide variety of interventional procedures. Our doctors have special training and decades of experience in every type of catheterization procedure. This means we can help all types of patients – from tiny babies to teenagers to adults – overcome heart issues and have healthier futures.

  • Low doses of radiation. Many children with heart problems have to undergo follow-up procedures throughout their lives. These procedures often include X-rays and other imaging techniques that expose kids to radiation, which over time can increase their risk of future health problems. Our catheterization team has gone to great lengths to keep this exposure to a minimum, and our radiation levels are among the lowest of any catheterization lab in the U.S.

  • Research. Levine Children’s doctors are involved in research to design and test devices used to close certain holes in the heart. We are the leading enrollers in trials for these devices, and played a major role in writing the papers that helped them get approved by the FDA. This gives patients access to the newest, most innovative solutions before other centers in the region.

  • Partnership: We participate in the IMPACT Registry, where we work with other institutions to improve outcomes and care.

The HEARTest Yard Congenital Heart Center

1001 Blythe Blvd., Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28203

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