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At Levine Children's Hospital, we care for our patients in a warm, child-friendly environment to help them feel better as they get better. Spending time in the hospital can be a trying experience for anyone, but it's especially difficult for an active child. We have many ways to keep children engaged and entertained during their stay.

Special Events

There's always something fun going on at Levine Children's Hospital! Thanks to the kindness of individuals and organizations in our community, we often have special group visits and entertainment to provide some fun and help pass the time in the hospital. These activities vary by day, so ask your nurse or child life specialist for the latest hospital happenings.

Music Therapy

Everyone knows that music has healing properties. It can perk you up when you're feeling low or soothe you when you're anxious. At Levine Children's Hospital, we use music therapy as part of the overall healing process.

Our board-certified music therapist uses several therapies with patients and their families. Older kids can participate in lyric analysis and talking about the meanings of songs, while smaller kids are often calmed by hearing a familiar song from home.

From pure distraction to pain management, music can make almost any situation better. For more information about music therapy, please call 704-381-2257.

Pet Therapy

For a child in the hospital – especially one who has a beloved pet at home – interaction with a certified pet therapy dog goes beyond medicine. The pet therapy program at Levine Children's Hospital is designed to provide its young patients with that needed distraction and a little bit of happiness in what is typically a scary time.

All dogs in the program are licensed and registered with Pet Therapy International Incorporated, and are always accompanied by their licensed handlers who supervise all patient interactions to ensure safety. For more information about our pet therapy program, please call 704-355-2105.

Playrooms and Special Places

We have many playrooms and recreational areas at Levine Children's Hospital where patients and siblings are welcome to visit with adult supervision. We also have Seacrest Studios, an in-house multimedia broadcast center, in the lobby of the hospital, with many opportunities to explore the creative realms of radio and television.

Teen Room

Teens and their siblings, 13 years and older, are welcome to visit the teen room, located on the 11th floor. This room is equipped with video games, a computer, a foosball table, a pinball machine and board games.

Bringing the Fun to You

If a child is unable to come to the playroom for activities, a child life specialist, child life assistant or volunteer will bring toys, games and other items to the child's bedside. Broadcasts of special events in Seacrest Studios and the atrium performance area, as well as hospital bingo, are available live on channel 99.