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The patients and families in Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC, enjoy visits from both individuals and groups of family and friends. If you or a group of your friends would like to visit with patients or put on a performance in the atrium of Levine Children's Hospital, please review the following information.

Due to the children's medical and activity calendar, we schedule one-hour visits at either 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. during the week. We ask that your group arrives 30 minutes early to check in at Guest Services and to be oriented to the child life visiting rules and procedures. Please read through the group visit guidelines to receive further information about visiting the children at Levine Children's Hospital.

Our activity calendar fills quickly, so please submit your request for a group visit at least 30 days prior to your first choice of visiting dates and times.

To submit a request for a group visit, please print and complete the group visit form (PDF) and sign the last page affirming you have read and agree to these guidelines. These forms may be returned to the Levine Children's Hospital group/events coordinator via the fax number or address on the group visit form.

If you have additional questions, you may contact Levine Children's Hospital Volunteer Services at 704-381-3257.

Thank you for considering visiting the patients and families at Levine Children's Hospital, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Group Visitation and Entertainer Guidelines

  1. All playroom and performance scheduling should be made through the Levine Children’s Hospital Group/Event Coordinator’s office. Group visits are scheduled with the children Tuesday through Friday at 2 p.m. Due to patient energy levels; we do limit the group visits to this time only.
  2. Upon your arrival to Levine Children’s Hospital, a staff member or qualified volunteer will meet your group in the main lobby and escort you to the floor. If, on the day of your visit, you realize you are going to be late, call Carrie Keuten at 704-381-3257. If your group is 20 minutes late without a phone call, your visit will be canceled.
  3. Due to hospital security, all groups must receive badges and be escorted by a member of staff or a qualified volunteer. All group members should arrive and meet in the main lobby 30 minutes prior to the group’s visit. Therefore, we ask you to be in the Levine Children’s Hospital lobby at 1:30 p.m. for your visit.
  4. All individuals in your group must be 16 years old or older to participate in a group visit. Your group needs to consist of 10 or fewer people.
  5. Crafts, gifts and handouts must be coordinated through the Levine Children’s Hospital group/event coordinator’s office. The hospital census changes daily and it is difficult to know how many patients there will be when your group visits or how many will attend the activity. We respect all budgets; therefore, we suggest 50 items, if at all possible. 
    • All gifts/handouts must be brand new.
    • Patients enjoy the group planning and facilitating simple craft projects – check out Michael’s or Oriental Trading. Simple crafts geared to all ages are appreciated. 
    • In the best interest of our patients on restricted diets, non-food items are best.
    • Only Mylar balloons are acceptable.
    • Some suggestions of gifts/handouts are as follows: small stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons, books, DVDs (G, PG and PG-13) and anything a child can do safely in their rooms.
  6. Levine Children’s Hospital serves children of all faiths, therefore, groups cannot distribute religious messages or literature.
  7. Photographs of patients can be taken only with written permission. We do not encourage taking photographs of patients. However, you are welcome to photograph your group inside the hospital. Any photographs will need to be coordinated with the staff member or qualified volunteer escorting your group.
  8. If your group will be visiting more than one time, members of the group will be required to complete the volunteer application process and orientation through Levine Children’s Hospital’s Volunteer Services Department.
  9. Please ensure that everyone in your group is dressed appropriately: casual business attire, no open-toed shoes (flip flops, sandals, etc). If dress is not appropriate, the visitor will not be allowed to go up to the patient floors. 
  10. Please be sure that no one in your group is feeling ill. We ask that you think of the best interest of the patients. If anyone has a scratchy throat, cold or fever, please advise them to stay home.
  11. Please understand that all patients who are eligible are invited to group activities and we do not know how many will attend. It could be one or 15 patients, but please know that you make a difference just by being here. 

What to Expect on Your Visit

  1. You will meet a staff member or qualified volunteer in the hospital’s main lobby for your visit. At this time, the staff member or volunteer will give your group a brief review of rules and requirements for your visit, so please be on time and ready to listen.
  2. Due to infection control measures, some children will not be able to participate in the activity. However, you are welcome to leave a gift/craft activity for those patients.
  3. Prepare your group ahead of time about how to speak to children who are hospitalized. (See below for some suggestions.)
  4. Expect your groups visit to be about 1 hour if you are conducting a playroom activity.  If you are planning an atrium performance, please limit your performance to 30 to 40 minutes.
  5. Please refrain from asking questions regarding reasons for a child’s hospitalization or illness to staff or families. This is a hospital privacy policy.
  6. Remember to smile and have a good time. Our patients, families and staff really appreciate you being here!

What to Consider When Visiting the Patients

  1. Children who are hospitalized may react differently than healthy children because they are coping with the stress of illness and hospitalization. Expressions of appreciation or affection may be restrained.
  2. Approach children slowly and bend down to their level.
  3. When you greet the children, tell them what group or organization you are with and why you are visiting.
  4. Please use special care when around children with IV poles and other medical equipment.
  5. Following these guidelines should ensure a pleasant visit for the patient and your group.