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Our family of care has grown! Find exceptional pediatric care right here in the greater Charlotte region, or learn more about our services in the Triad region of North Carolina and central and south Georgia.

During your child's stay, you and your family will interact with our medical team, a group of dedicated professionals focused on restoring your child's health. Your team will be available to answer your questions and concerns. To make it easier for you, all employees and volunteers at Levine Children's Hospital wear name badges that show their name and department.

Any number of the following will make up your child's healthcare team, depending on your child's need:

Your Child's Doctor

Your child's doctor is in charge of the healthcare team and directs your child's treatment. Your doctor may also call on specialists in specific fields to consult or treat your child. In addition, you may have resident physicians on your child's healthcare team. Find out what time the doctor makes his or her usual rounds so you can be sure to be in the room with your child and have your questions answered.

Your Child's Nurses

Your child will have nurses available around the clock. Some nurses work a 12-hour shift, while others may work eight or four hour shifts. You will interact with several different nurses during your child's stay. The nurse can answer any questions you may have.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNP)

NNPs are registered nurses who have advanced education in the management of sick newborns. They work with doctors to provide medical care for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery and the Neonatal Progressive Care Nursery.

Child Life Specialists

Child Life specialists provide education and emotional support for children and their families while they are in the hospital. They provide opportunities for medical play, meeting and interacting with other children in the hospital, helping children understand about their illness and preparing for tests, procedures or operations. Activities like this help children cope with their illness to make being in the hospital a more positive experience. They can also provide guidance and suggestions for brothers and sisters of a sick child.

Respiratory Care Practitioners

Respiratory care practitioners are specialists who are trained to evaluate, treat and care for our little patients with breathing or other disorders such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart and lung disease, RSV and other respiratory ailments. They will work closely with you to provide education and training to help you manage your child's illness.

Clinical Social Workers

Clinical social workers help families cope with the stress associated with the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and disorders. Social workers can assist with the day-to-day issues that many families face while a child is hospitalized, as well as the unexpected needs that may arise.

Community Transition Coordinator

The community transition coordinator is a nurse who identifies children up to 5 years old who are at risk for developmental delay and then refers them to the appropriate community agency for developmental follow-up.

Family and Developmental Specialists

Family and developmental specialists provide early intervention services to families of children up to 3 years old who require extended hospitalizations. They provide specific education and support that improve child developmental outcomes.


Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to offer spiritual support to you and your family. The hospital chapel is located on the second floor and is open at all times. If you need to speak with a chaplain or you would like to know when services are held, please call 704-355-2218.


Medical and nursing students may help care for your child as well. These students are carefully guided by our medical staff in all of their interactions with patients and families.