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Lumbar Puncture TrainerThis simulator, manufactured by Limbs and Things Ltd., is designed to teach the lumbar puncture and epidural procedures, allowing hands-on training without the need for direct patient contact.


  • Patient position management
  • Skin preparation can be practiced
  • Palpation of pelvic landmarks
  • Palpation of lumbar spinous process
  • Needle positioning and insertion
  • Collection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • CSF pressure measurement
  • Epidural


  • Lifelike lower torso
  • Realistic tissue resistance
  • Puncture sites not visible on skin
  • Skin is quick and easy to remove using magnetic clips
  • Puncture Block is transparent to allow viewing of the vertebrae (L2-L5) and the associated puncture sites
  • Puncture Block is quick and easy to replace
  • Large Puncture Block is available which features whole vertebral bodies and costal processes (must be ordered separately)
  • Each vertebral space can be punctured up to 30 times
  • Easy maintenance
  • Additional support base supplied for 2 person training
  • User refillable fluid reservoir
  • A comprehensive guide to the relevant anatomy, physiology, indications and performance of the lumbar puncture procedure is included
  • A guide to CSF fluid analysis and lumbar puncture risk management is included
  • Separate articulated Lumbar Spine model (L2-L5) is supplied to aid anatomical understanding
  • Epidural procedure can be practiced
  • Variations of puncture pads: adult normal, adult obese, elderly, ederly obese and epidural
  • Three different support bases for lateral and sitting positions, and team teaching