With the right experts and the right care, sickle cell disease is a manageable condition. Our board-certified hematologists have deep experience in managing sickle cell in children and young adults, providing care that keeps their complications down and improves their quality of life.

We offer the full range of treatment, guidance and support both in our outpatient clinic and in the child-focused environment of Levine Children's Hospital.

Complete, Compassionate Sickle Cell Care

On top of providing specialized treatment and management, our care team understands the impact sickle cell has on every aspect of your child's life. We offer:

  • Doctors and staff focused on your child's overall wellbeing and long-term monitoring of their treatment
  • Child life specialists who walk you and your child through the treatment process and provide emotional support
  • Connection with your child's school, teachers and staff to boost their social and educational support
  • Patient navigators to guide you through your child's journey and help coordinate the process of their care