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The ever-changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic has presented difficult challenges for school administrators, staff, teachers and students. That’s why Atrium Health has developed a comprehensive COVID-Safe program for specifically for schools. Atrium Health Employer Solutions has been the trusted leader in providing COVID-Safe products, consultation and testing to keep students, staff and faculty safe and healthy.

With our return-to-school program, we can help those working in or attending schools feel safe and protected. Here are a few of our current COVID-Safe offerings:

We’re offering COVID-19 vaccines to all eligible and interested individuals age 12 and up. Through our Vaccine to You clinics, both students and staff members may now get vaccinated at your school. This makes it easy for students and staff members to get in, out and back to the classroom as soon as possible.

Vaccine to You details:

  • Participation in the clinic requires a 35-person minimum (students and/or faculty combined).
  • The vaccine type (single or double dose) will be based on vaccine availability. People age 18 and older may receive any of the available vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson). Those ages 12 to 17 may receive the Pfizer vaccine.
  • To ensure efficiency, the clinic offers vaccination by appointment only.

Cost: Free for employees and students. One simple fee for the administration.

  • School administrators pay a flat fee per event day to bring vaccine services to their site.
  • The fee covers a dedicated point of contact, event planning, vaccine storage and logistics, staff travel costs and reporting.
  • The vaccine will be billed to the students parent’s or employee’s health insurance.
  • For anyone without health insurance, the vaccine will be fully paid for by the Provider Relief Fund

Designed to help you increase safety and better protect your teachers, staff and students, COVID-Safe consulting includes an on-site assessment, review of staff roles and functions as well as a comprehensive report with customized guidance and recommended.

With this service, we will deploy a team of experienced healthcare professionals to the school’s location. Our staff will then administer and manage COVID-19 testing for staff members and students.

Individuals eligible for testing include those who have been in close contact with a COVID-positive individual and/or those who have had direct contact with the virus.

The presence of COVID-19 antibodies in a person’s blood may help determine their immune response to the virus and help support future research. Our antibody testing takes place directly at your school for administrators, staff and teachers. On the day of testing, participants will be given educational materials about the test. Blood samples will be collected via venipuncture (drawing blood from a vein). Following the test, school administration will receive the results via email.

This web-based platform is designed to simplify the administrative challenges that COVID-19 creates for your school or university. Easily capture, track and report on vaccination status, weekly testing results and daily symptoms.

Even with the best safeguards in place, your school may still experience a COVID-19 exposure. Following a school site exposure, our team will help you determine the level of exposure your staff or students have sustained, identify high-risk individuals and connect them with the Atrium Health virtual observation unit.

If an employee or student develops symptoms, our care team will reach out to them and determine the appropriate course of action. If COVID-19 diagnostic testing is necessary, we will schedule them at one of our testing sites. Students and staff can access their results via MyAtriumHealth, automated phone call or text message.

We are currently offering schools a COVID-19 symptom checker tool, free of charge. To get started, simply provide a current eligibility file and contact information for individuals expected to participate. Those designated for checking results will be able to access symptom checker results in real-time.

After the tool has been activated, participants will fill out a brief questionnaire each day regarding COVID-19 symptoms. If an individual indicates that they are experiencing virus symptoms, they will be instructed not to report to school and to follow standard school procedures for calling in sick. They will also be advised to seek care if symptoms worsen. Individuals who indicate that they aren’t experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be notified that it’s safe for them to come to school.

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For more information about the Atrium Health return-to-school program, please read our full school resource guide or email

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