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Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center has been named a Best Hospital by U.S. News & World Report for 4 years in a row, Levine Cancer Institute has been named one of the nation’s best for cancer, and Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital has been named a Best Children’s Hospital for 13 years in a row. They’re the only hospitals in our region to be ranked, and this year, our hospitals ranked in more specialties than ever before.

But having the best care for both kids and adults doesn’t end with our hospitals. With convenient virtual care options, the region's largest primary care network, and leading COVID-Safe care standards, we offer unmatched care for the Charlotte community and beyond.

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A team approach saved Jack from multiple myeloma complications

Jack Wheeler, blood cancer survivor

Jack Wheeler has lived with multiple myeloma – a blood cancer – for 20 years. But after developing troubling symptoms that quickly got worse, Jack ended up hospitalized – in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, quick intervention from an interdisciplinary team across Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Cancer Institute saved his life. Now, Jack is in remission from his cancer and continuing his treatment in a promising clinical trial.

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Level 1 trauma care came to Adam's rescue

Adam Fifield, critical injury survivor

As the only Level 1 trauma center in the region, the team at Carolinas Medical Center has to be ready for anything. And following a serious motorcycle crash, Adam was flown in by helicopter in need of fast, expert care for severe injuries to his leg and pelvis. With skill and collaboration, the team at Carolinas Medical Center immediately sprang into action to get Adam stabilized and into surgery, setting him on the road to recovery.

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Leukemia and breast cancer couldn't keep Heather down

Heather Grant, cancer fighter

Already a childhood leukemia survivor, Heather was determined to beat breast cancer, too. In addition to the expert treatment she received to fight the disease, she participated in alternative therapies, like acupuncture, at Levine Cancer Institute – home to the region’s largest cancer survivorship program. Now in remission, Heather says these therapies helped her find power, strength and resilience in her cancer journey.

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A new kidney offered Sharon a new sense of freedom

Sharon Price, kidney transplant patient

Sharon was facing a long wait for a life-saving kidney transplant. So when his care team at Carolinas Medical Center offered him the opportunity to become Atrium Health’s first recipient of a new type of transplant, he was thrilled. Made possible by medical advances, the innovative procedure gives patients like Sharon new hope for their future. Following his transplant, Sharon is thriving – and calls his new kidney a "wonderful gift."

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Advances in fertility treatment made Loren a mom

Loren Bassett, infertility warrior

After a year of trying for a baby naturally, and 6 rounds of intrauterine insemination – the last of which resulted in a heartbreaking miscarriage – Loren and her husband Mike were giving up hope. But with the help of the Carolinas Medical Center Women’s Institute, the Bassetts decided to give in vitro fertilization, or IVF, a try. Loren’s first embryo transfer resulted in a pregnancy, and she and Mike are now proud parents of a healthy baby girl.

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Teamwork helped Cashlin beat childhood cancer

Cashlin Izzard, transplant and cancer all-star

Seven years after his heart transplant, 9-year-old Cashlin was diagnosed with a rare cancer only transplant patients get. A baseball fanatic, Cashlin saw teamwork in action off the field at Levine Children’s Hospital. Heart, cancer and kidney specialists, plus many others, worked together to save his life. Cashlin was put on a newly approved cancer treatment drug – and it worked. Now, he’s cancer-free and back on the baseball field doing what he loves.

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Torre found hope and health amid chronic heart failure

Torre Fowler, chronic heart failure fighter

Torre lives in Spartanburg, SC, about 80 miles from Charlotte. So when he traveled to Carolinas Medical Center and Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute to get heart care, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Fortunately, upon arrival, he immediately felt at ease – and got the comprehensive support he needed to get his condition under control. And thanks to Atrium Health’s connected network of care, Torre has access to the ongoing treatment he needs at a Sanger clinic close to home.

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