Some classes meet regularly for reunions; some come together only infrequently. As a way to give back to the college and help current students, classes often make a contribution to the college in honor of their class.

The Class Gift is given to Carolinas College collectively by the graduating students. Most often spearheaded by the Student Government Association, fundraising throughout the year (candy sales, book and jewelry sales) provides the resources for class gifts. The class gift provides an opportunity for students to leave behind a lasting contribution to benefit future students.

Class gifts have included:

Year Class Gift
1994 Granite bench in the front of the College
1995 Flag Pole with US Flag
1996 Class banner with display box
1997 Courtyard picnic tables
1998 TV for break room
1999 CCHS Flag
2000 Fountain
2001 Gazebo and 35 classroom desks and chairs
2002 Popcorn Machine and Amish Rocking Chairs
2003 Heritage curio, stainless steel grill, display board for recruiting & 8 utility tables (held 2 graduation luncheons)
2004 $2000 to create new smoking pavilion and five $200 scholarships
2005 2 student refrigerators, two $500 scholarships and $1560 allotted to new student study area
2006 College mace and full body skeleton
2007 42" Display Monitor in the lobby
2008 New locker room furniture and Gempay Access Account
2009 Remodeled lobby columns into display cabinets; 2 customized benches for the front entrance of the College
2010 Garden art, customized corn hole toss and new furniture for the Pavilion
2011 Cherry tree in courtyard along with new seating in the Courtyard
2012 Framed professional pictures
2013 Recycling of large planters in the pavilion and microwaves for student lounge
2014 Adirondak chairs and table for covered patio in courtyard
2015 Restoration of the gazebo
2016 Fan for the gazebo