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When in doubt, ask yourself some key questions:

  • Does it damage our reputation for providing the highest standards of patient-centered care, education, and research?
  • Is it putting our patients, teammates, providers, or others in harm’s way?
  • Is it illegal, unethical, or in violation of our policies?
  • Could it jeopardize our ability to participate in government programs or undermine our financial stability?
  • Is it against our mission and values?
  • Is it unprofessional, discourteous or disrespectful to a patient, customer, or any member of the public while in the course and scope of Atrium Health business?
Enterprise Compliance is available to help you if you still have concerns.

We Are All Responsible for Upholding Our Code of Conduct

Every organization needs to behave ethically and follow the law. As a healthcare entity, we have a special – and legal – responsibility to act in ways that protect the best interests of our patients, including following healthcare rules and regulations aimed at protecting patients. As an organization, we are continually focused on operational excellence, and complying with our Code of Conduct (and the supporting policies and standards) is a foundational part of the everyday work we do to make sure our patients get the care they need.

To help support our compliance with those requirements, we have a formal Compliance Program overseen by the Chief Compliance Officer that provides a team of resources to help us navigate a complex industry. It takes all of us, however, to make sure we follow the rules and make good choices. The decisions we make impact people’s lives in direct and indirect ways. By choosing actions that are in the best interests of our patients, we remain true to our mission and achieve our vision.

What is my responsibility?

Being compliant requires all of us – teammates, executives, board members, directors, officers, students and learners, faculty, providers, medical staff members, volunteers, independent contractors, agents, and vendors – to act in an ethical and legal manner. As an enterprise and as individuals, we must understand that each of our choices and our character impacts our patients and each other.

As a member of our team, you should:

  • In all things, foster a culture of integrity and compliance
  • Have a basic understanding of the rules and follow them
  • Understand the difference between right and wrong and choose to do the right thing
  • Know when help is needed to determine if there is a problem
  • Report any known or suspected violations of this Code of Conduct
  • Speak up if you have a good faith concern or when you question if something is right
Leaders have additional responsibilities to support our culture of compliance and non-retaliation, including keeping teams informed of compliance policies and processes, supporting compliant activities and operations, and creating an environment where teammates are encouraged to raise concerns and propose ideas so they can be addressed.
Last Revised Date: October 2021