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 Chelsea Fitzhugh

Chelsea Fitzhugh, MD

Medical School:University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Why CMC?: "When searching for a residency program, I was looking for a place that would train me to become a well-rounded OBGYN. I was very attracted to the high volume at CMC. I knew that residents had ample opportunities for hands-on learning. Thus far, I have been extremely impressed with our surgical skills training. Beyond our excellent training, I feel very fortunate to be supported by such a supportive group of co-residents and attendings. I couldn’t have picked a better fit program for me!"


Halle Goodwin, MD

Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine
Why CMC?: I chose CMC because I knew that I would be trained well for whatever post-residency path I choose, whether that be fellowship or working as a confident and capable generalist. Now that I’m here, I am grateful not only for our fabulous training, but for the people I get to work with. I’ve met some of my best friends and we are trained by attendings with experience from all over the country who are fun, supportive, and my role models! 


Devin Mijares, MD

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Why CMC?: “Even through the virtual interview format I could see that the residents at CMC were fun people, close friends, and genuinely happy.  They raved about the community within the program and their surgical experience – two of my most important factors when choosing a residency. In addition, each interview and conversation I had with faculty mirrored the experience I had talking to residents – it was evident how invested they were in resident education and success. Beyond the program itself, Charlotte is a fun, vibrant city that I think is the perfect size. It is growing with countless things to do on the weekend and restaurants to try during the week, and with a major airport close by my husband was happy he would be able to visit family and friends easily. Choosing CMC was an easy decision, and reflecting back I am so thankful I chose to come here!”


Veronica Peterkin, MD

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Why CMC?: I was initially attracted to the breadths of surgical experience offered here and ended up loving the CMC environment. This is an eclectic group of individuals and we truly welcome anyone into our family!

Research: I will be researching knowledge of pelvic floor disorders in the antepartum period in hopes to develop an educational tool in the future.

Interests: I love to hula hoop outside of work! I am also always available for new outdoor adventures or grabbing a drink in the city.


Kellie Shell, MD

Medical School: University of South Carolina Greenville
Why CMC?: "I wanted a program that I knew would provide me with the best residency experience possible. In just a few short months of being here, I was confident that I’d found that. Aside from the amazing resident culture, there is a great surgical volume and a wide range of medical complexities that will ensure that you are ready for anything once you graduate. I feel assured that this program will prepare me for whatever next is in store for me. It’s also a plus that I have the opportunity to train in the Queen City!"


Renee Stullich, MD

Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Why CMC?: CMC impressed me from the very first meet and greet. It was immediately clear that this program was the epitome of a family; you could tell each resident genuinely knew and cared for one another. It was also evident that CMC would teach me how to be not only a fantastic surgeon, but also a wonderful, patient-centered physician. This program had it all - incredible volume, a beautifully diverse patient population, support for fellowship, and faculty who were clearly loved by the residents. 

After over a year here, I still feel this same way. While residency is hard, I never mind coming to work, because I know that I will genuinely have fun with my co-residents amidst the chaos. If I could go back and do it again, I would choose CMC every time.