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Gina Ernsberger, Medical Student CoordinatorStudents who would like to rotate in the Department of Internal Medicine as a third-year clerk or as a fourth-year acting intern should contact:

Third Year Students Contact:
Enid Stanford, Medical Student Coordinator
P.O. Box 32861
Department of Internal Medicine
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861

The third year clerkship is open only to medical students from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

Fourth Year Students Contact:
Enid Stanford, Medical Student Coordinator
P.O. Box 32861
Department of Internal Medicine
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861

We currently offer the following fourth-year electives to both UNC-Chapel Hill and external US allopathic & osteopathic medical students:

  • Inpatient Acting Internship
  • Medical ICU Acting Intern
  • Elective in Gastroenterology Consultation
  • Elective in Pulmonary Consultation
  • Elective in Cardiology Consultation
  • Elective in Hematology/Oncology Consultation
  • Elective in Infectious Diseases Consultation
  • Elective in Rheumatology Consultation
  • Elective in Nephrology Consultation
  • Elective in Endocrinology Consultation
  • Elective in General Medical Consultation
  • Elective in Urban HIV Consultation
  • Elective in Community Health Consultation
  • Elective in Palliative/Hospice Medicine Consultation

All prospective students will have to submit an application through UNC-Chapel Hill Visiting Student Application Service (VSLO). Invited applicants may apply for housing through the University of North Carolina but priority is given to UNC-Chapel Hill students first. Prospective students may need to seek private sources for housing if all spaces are filled; references will be made available. In addition, there may be additional costs to utilize Carolinas Medical Center sponsored housing.

Visiting Student Application Requirements
Visiting Student rotations are designed specifically for students enrolled in their final year of medical school who have already completed one full year of in-hospital clinical training. We accept applications through the UNC-Chapel Hill VSLO.

Application Requirements
Complete Transcript
Board Scores – Step 1 or COMLEX

Additional CMC-Internal Medicine Requirements
Personal statement:
All visiting students must submit a personal statement as to why they wish to rotate at Carolinas
Medical Center.

USMLE Step 1 score or COMLEX score:
Please submit a scan your official score report. We also highly suggest scanning Step 2 USMLE or COMLEX scores if available.

All of the above should be uploaded to the "Supplemental Documents" section of the VSAS application as separate documents.

No documentation will be accepted via postal mail, fax, in an email or email attachment. All application documents must be submitted through VSLO only.

Due to limited space and capacity, we are unable to accept applications for visiting rotations and observerships from students of international medical schools or other non-LCME/COCA accredited medical schools.