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Sophia Brancazio, MD

Sophia Brancazio, MD, MPH
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Research Project: The Performance of Hemoglobin A1c in the First Trimester to Predict Gestational Diabetes and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes. 
Why CMC? After rotating here as a visiting medical student and visiting again on interview day, I immediately fell in love with the excited residents and warm atmosphere of CMC. This sentiment was reiterated time and time again when I started as an intern, and now I consider this amazing program as part of my family. I love the surgical experience and clinical challenges that we are exposed to on the very first day of training, balanced with the care and connection that I share with my fellow residents and faculty. 

Jane Chen, MD

Jane Chen, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Research Project: Comparing incidence of vaginal bleeding in patients using intramuscular progesterone vs. vaginal plus intermittent intramuscular progesterone in FET cycles.
Why CMC? My interview here was by far the most fun and made me feel the most at home. Everyone I met (from the residents to the faculty to the lovely hospital staff) was so kind, smart, and driven - I really wanted my residency to feel like a family and that's what I found here at CMC. Our amazing faculty and fellow residents definitely have made my experience so far, and I am so excited to be training at a program where I feel like I have the resources to pursue a subspecialty or become a well-trained generalist. Plus, getting to call Charlotte home is the best!

Khrystyna Levytska, MD

Khrystyna Levytska, MD, MSc
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Research Project: Effect of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) with or without bevacizumab on cardiac function in the patients treated for gynecologic malignancies
Why CMC? I was very impressed with how personable residents and faculty were during my interview dinner, the facilities, and the amount of surgical exposure. Being interested in oncology, the fact that we start rotating through the service as interns was very important to me. And, of course, fell in love with the city and the constant sunshine!

Daniel Lovell, MD

Daniel Lovell, MD, MS
Wake Forest University
Research Project: A prospective study evaluating the effect of Mohs surgery on positive surgical margins in high-grade vulvar dysplasia.
Why CMC? My wife and I couples matched. Her interview here was first, mine was last. She loved the Psychiatry program and told me "don't blow this for me". My interview dinner was awesome. As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I really enjoyed speaking with Cassandra Yoder, one of the third year residents (now graduated), about her medical trips to Malawi. I made my way around and spoke with many of the other residents and seemed to easily carry on conversation with them and knew this program would be a great fit. My first year has far exceeded my expectations of what an OB/GYN residency program would be. Though my wife and I have had our struggles both being resident physicians while raising a two-year old, this program has certainly shown loads of educational and emotional support. I love the atmosphere and collegiality between the different departments as well. And there are so many good food options in Charlotte in addition to have a major airport close by!

Kaylee VanDommelen, MD

Kaylee VanDommelen, MD, MPH
University of Miami School of Medicine
Research Project: Fertility outcomes in women who receive PPH indicated UAE v uterine fibroid indicated UAE.
Why CMC? The moment I walked into my interview dinner and saw that there was the option to decorate sugar cookies, I knew CMC would be a great fit for me. In addition to the incredible surgical experience offered, exposure to complex obstetrics and the passionate faculty, my co-residents continue to make work enjoyable on a daily basis. We're also surrounded by an incredible city with so much to do! It was an easy decision.

Stephanie Welsh, MD

Stephanie Welsh, MD, MPH
Wright State University School of Medicine
Research Project: Neonatal outcomes in infants born to women with chronic pain treated with medication-assisted treatment versus opioids.
Why CMC? When I visited CMC on my away rotation and interview, I admired the fun, hard-working residents and faculty I met. This program has created such a supportive culture--everyone's goal is simply to help residents become the best OBGYNs they can be, while taking great care of patients. And we love to have fun along the way!

"I know today was crazy busy, but just wanted you to know you're doing an awesome job!" "I put in those orders for you, and I'll show you how to enter them for next time in a bit." "Come to the conference room, we have a surprise for you!" Each of these are verbatim text or Halo messages I received from my upper level residents during my intern year. When I matched at CMC, I was ecstatic to be joining what I learned on interview day to be a welcoming, high-performing program with happy, motivated residents. What I didn't fully comprehend was how supportive our program truly is. I've learned more than I could have imagined in the past year from our attending and resident physicians, both about being a good doctor and person. After all, the "first rule" of our Medical Director of Labor and Delivery, Dr. Temming is "Do the right thing." Our exposure to a vast array of medical and surgical cases in each of the subspecialties is a constant source of learning. I look up to our fourth year residents, who graduate confident and motivated to practice on their own. I encourage any applicant to seriously consider our outstanding program--that "surprise"  may just be primary surgeon on their very first Cesarean section when they are least expecting it!