May Doan, MD
Medical School: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Philosophy: "As a Charlotte native, it is an honor and absolute privilege to serve my community as a family physician. I believe the most important aspect of any relationship is communication. So I promise to listen to your story, as well as your health care needs, in order to deliver the highest quality of care for you and your loved ones."

Alice Esame

Alice Esame, MD
Medical School: Howard University
Undergraduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Philosophy: “I chose family medicine because I believe in the power of holistic preventive medicine that can facilitate physical, mental and spiritual health in my patients. I will always care for my patients in the context of the entire familial structure as well as their individual realities.”


Jason Fishel, MD
Medical School: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University

Philosophy: “The job of a family physician is to partner with and empower individuals, families, and communities to foster happy, healthy lifestyles on their own terms. I plan to carry out this task through meaningful long term relationships with my patients, and by always remembering to listen before I speak."

Scott Gremillion, MD

Scott Gremillion, MD
Medical School: East Carolina University
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Philosophy: “Family Medicine is a specialty of wholeness and healing, addressing all aspects of a person's life.  I hope to assist and guide my patients through their lives and the medical system in a way that they feel engaged, empowered, and supported.  At the very least, I can serve them as a listening ear and witness to their lives, including their pains, struggles, and joys.”

Leslie Hamlin

Leslie Hamlin, MD
Medical School: Meharry Medical College
Undergraduate: Southern University A&M College

Philosophy: “As a family medicine physician, I believe in cultivating a great doctor-patient relationship and effectively educating patients with emphasis on preventive medicine.  Positive health outcomes begin with the patient; it is a privilege for me to help lead the journey.”

Neema Hooker

Neema Hooker, MD
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Claflin University

Philosophy: “As a family medicine physician, I will assist patients along their journey to a holistically healthy lifestyle, because being healthy means having total mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.”


Kaighn Morlok, MD
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University

Philosophy: "As a family physician it is my ambition to serve my patients in all aspects of their health, through treatment of issues both acute and chronic and in patients young and old.  It is my calling to build a trusting relationship with each of my patients and to advocate for every individual in all manners possible.  By serving as a source of information and encouragement, I aim to provide the best and most comprehensive care using modern practices and evidence-based medicine to ensure my patients have the knowledge and the tools they need to achieve their health care goals."

Keri Payne

Keri Payne, MD
Medical School: Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
Undergraduate: Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)

Philosophy: "My passion is to help people implement the changes needed to become a healthier version of themselves. Family medicine focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles by means of health maintenance and disease prevention. It treats not only an individual, but helps serve as a guide for the entire family unit. By educating each family one at a time, we in turn create positive change throughout the community."

Rhonnie Song

Rhonnie Song, MD
Medical School: University of Illinois
Undergraduate: Northwestern University

Philosophy: "As a family physician, I will strive to not only address the health needs of my patients but also to learn about and from them in order to treat the whole person sitting in front of me."

Thanh Truong

Thanh Truong, MD
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Undergraduate: Boston University

Philosophy: “As a family physician, I want to identify my patients’ interests, strengths, and determination to treat their medical, mental, and social issues.”


Steven Zerilli, MD
Medical School: Michigan State University
Undergraduate: University of Michigan

Philosophy: "Family medicine is a great honor and responsibility. My goal is to provide quality, comprehensive, and patient-oriented care by utilizing evidence based medicine and fostering collaborative relationships"